Eleven Madison Park! 2017 Winner Of World’s Best Restaurant! A Visual “Tasting Menu” Revealed!

eleven madison exterior

eleven madison exterior

eleven madison park restaurant interior

Welcome To Eleven Madison Park!

Yes, it’s located on the edge of New York’s Madison Park, and it has just been named the best restaurant in the world!

Here is the news from Eater:


Daniel Humm is the executive chef and co-owner of Eleven Madison. Humm and his partner, General Manager Will Guider have made Eleven Madison Park a “must try” destination for foodies, and now it has topped the chart as the world’s best!

emp owners and chef daniel hamm

My wife and I had the chance to eat there last year, and I wanted to share the experience so you can see how makes a restaurant great!

John Rieber Alex Duda Eleven Madison Park

Welcome To Food Paradise!

We arrived and were seated quickly – you do not receive a menu, since it is a “tasting menu” the Chef tweaks based on the seasons…however, you DO get a menu – here is how:

Eleven Madison Park menu holder

EMP menu New York City

Enjoy Your Menu!

The restaurant has a unique way of sharing the menu: it is given to you after the meal in a cool round tin – with the menu printed on a circular paper inside like this!

EMP menu circles

After ordering drinks, we were ready to dig in to our food. The serving team was phenomenal, very communicative – pacing the delivery of food expertly…and here is how it began:

11 Madison Park unique menu items

“Black And White”

The menu begins with a nod to New York City, home to the classic “black and white” cookie – but here, they deliver it in a small box as your first amuse bouche:

11 Madison Park cookies

That’s because these are savory cookies with apple and cheddar! Next up is a stack of containers:

11 Madison Park tower of tastes

“A Tower Of Tastes”

Here is what you have delivered in a towering box, then deconstructed: A fava bean croquette…

11 Madison Park fava bean croquette

11 Madison park whitefish salad

whitefish salad

Whitefish salad is also served, with a collection of vegetables to dip…and you are also given a morel foam bite with rye crisp:

11 Madison Park unqiue dishes

11 Madison Park oyster dish

Finally, you receive a wellfleet oyster with caviar! Next up is one of their most creative dishes:

EMP Eggs Benedict

“Caviar Benedict”

This is the restaurant’s version of “eggs bendict with caviar”, served in a similar container to the menu – a rich egg custard topped with shaved egg yolk and caviar – and the cutest and smallest english muffins you’ve ever seen!

11 Madison Park Biscuits

Up next was a chance for each of us to try something different – alex opted for a clean dish:

Fluke recipe


This delicate fish is marinated with peas and grapefruit – light but incredibly flavorful…my option was also incredibly flavorful…just not as light!

Foie gras and sinach leaf 11 Madison Park

“A Taste of Foie Gras with Spinach Leaf”

Hey, I’m always a sucker for foie! This was warm poached foie, absolutely silky smooth and delicious…

Lobster menu circle EMP

As you can see from the circular menu, next up was a fun take on a pot pie:

Lobster Pot Pie recipe

“Lobster Pie”

The Lobster was served butter-poached with morels and peas…and then, one of the most amazing preparations of the night showed up:

11 Madison Park pig's bladder recipe

“Pig’s Bladder Asparagus!”

Um….WHAT!?!?!?!? Well, what you see here is a giant inflated pig’s bladder!

pig's bladder dish 11 madison park

Yes, this is an asparagus dish! You see, it has been braised with potato and black truffle inside of a pig’s bladder!

11 Madison Park unique pig's bladder dish

After dressing it down with the broth, they cut it open and leave you with a beautiful plate of asparagus and truffle!

asparagus recipe 11 madison park

asparagus with truffle recipe

11 Madison Park menu circles

More food keeps coming, as you can see by the circles! We enjoyed two different wines throughout the meal as well:

wine with dinner

11 madison park lamb recipe

lamb recipes from eleven madison park

11 madison park lamb dish

“Spring Lamb”

Next up is lamb served multiple ways with romaine, garlic and broth…we each had our own plate and then mixed and matched for more flavor!

11 madison park potato recipe

You are served new potatoes with flower, and morel mushrooms with custard and spring garlic on the side!

morel mushroom mousse recipe

Now, it was time to head into dessert!

11 Madison Park Cream

“Triple Cream”

Yes, this cheese course is a Gougere – served with rhubarb, sorrel and green garlic – and then, a special presentation for Alex’s birthday!

Alex Duda 11 Madison Park happy birthday cake


This ice cream is served with pretzel and chocolate, followed by chocolate that is a test – you get four bars of chocolate like this:

11 Madison Park chocolate

11 Madison Park chocolate test

“Name That Milk!”

That’s right, you are given a slip of paper to try and match the chocolate with the animal that provided the milk!

We didn’t get them right, but it was fun to try! Finally, a box of chocolates ended the meal, with a nice apple liquor and bag of goodies to go!

Alex duda 11 Madison Park Happy Birthday

apple brandy

11 madison park bag of goodies

entire Eleven Madison Park menu

A Circular Menu Unfolds!

Here is the entire menu – a keepsake for us to take home and discuss forever!

And what a meal: unique presentations, incredible flavors, expert staff and a fun environment – it wasn’t like dining in a “food museum”, it was playful and festive…

yountville wine country tourism

It reminded us of another Three-Michelin starred restaurant in New York, Chef Thomas Keller’s Per Se…fun, playful and incredibly inventive…you can read more about Per Se here:


We have also eaten at the legendary French Laundry in Napa Valley as well:

The French Laundry Clothespin

We were lucky enough to be part of the restaurant’s 20-year celebration…you can see it here:


Finally, here is a look at some of the incredible Michelin restaurants that are doing special “pop ups” all over the world – bringing signature dishes like this to foodies everywhere:

French Laundry salmon cone

Check it out here:


Bravo to Eleven Madison Park for topping the list as the world’s best!

Fluke recipe

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11 replies

  1. RE: Eleven Madison Park!
    Thank you for a more in depth article that led me to more about these two guys persuing their dream. You certainly have given me more information than The New York Times article!
    I read the comments people left and once again we have a dilemma in our culture of the ignorant and misinformed. If you’ve ever spent any time reading reviews, the best or worst are at Google’s Play Store, some are a real hoot, I regress, people just don’t know English Grammar or how to Spell? What I found in the Times article comments weren’t helpful but negative and disturbing, as nowhere in the article could I find any prices mentioned? Nowhere could I find where someone would be privy to copying Eleven Madison Park’s menu for home use as people have for “copycat” recipes at Panera or KFC? So, I looked for more info to find out if it was a personal matter? Maybe the guys making the comments are ex lovers? Hee Hee. No I’m not posting this. I’m just thanking you for your information? Maybe you can replace the Foodie person @ The New York Times?
    Why cut down two obviously hard working men that made a success out of one of the most challenging of all businesses, owning and operating a Restaurant? There’s only so many ways to serve food and beverages?
    I believe it just comes down to nasty people? There are people in this world that are so unhappy they spread their negative energy, ions, or whatever “Crapware” it is across the http://www.com world hoping it will cause someone harm, or in this case, someone will agree with them and do what? Hate Eleven Madison Park and make a reservation?
    I read that a year ago, after making it to #1 Restraunt in the World,they had a year long Reservation list! Someone joked that their newborn daughter was just put on the list so that she could get a seat in this millenium!😱

    About price? My boyfriend and I have been together since May 2006, and we use to eat out more than we do now. It wasn’t uncommon for our bill to come to $200. To $300 depending on the wine we chose with our meal? We certainly can’t afford this now as we are on fixed incomes. We live in CA. and didn’t go to any award winning restraunts except maybe the Whaling Station in Monterey. But this is just the way it is if you want an excellent meal and excellent service with a perfect atmosphere where I actually remember the night more than the meal itself and to me this was worth more.

    I would consider a special place like this for a couple or a special occasion, not recommended for a first date, unless you’re very well off or a complete idiot trying to impress and have low self esteem?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So enjoyed the pictures! Glad you had the confidence to take them. We have nothing but evanescent memories of friendly, skillful servers who invited us at the end of our three-hour lunch back to the kitchen to meet the chef and watch the teams at work. They even plied us with a boysenberry dessert cocktail. Surprise and delight–that’s what I’ll never forget about Eleven Madison Park. Unlike a play I can read or an opera I can hear after an event, this restaurant just lives unaided by props but the odd cookbook.

    One last note: people who spend their money for experiences, not things, don’t deserve the derision of people whose priorities might involve expensive cars, clothes, art, or furniture.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for the note! My wife and I transitioned into “event” gifts a few years ago, which this was – a more memorable way to celebrate – a “thing” is just that, but this was a meal!


  3. Reblogged this on johnrieber and commented:

    Eleven Madison Park just named the 2017 World’s Best Restaurant – Alex and I ate there last year – here is our feast!



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