Tokyo’s Got My Wagyu Beef Burger! Amazing Kappabashi Plastic Food! Burger Shirts! Tokyo Rules!

unique cheeseburger products plasticised in Tokyo

Time To Get “Wrapped Up” In Tokyo!

Yes, this is a triple cheeseburger wrapped in plastic! When I posted Tokyo food pics recently, I received a few comments asking “where’s the beef?”

Well, here it is!

Lotteria Tokyo Wagyu Burger

I knew I was in for a “burger-ific” time in Tokyo – after all, I’ve posted many times about the unique burger for sale here – and when I arrived in town, I saw this in front of me on my first day out in the crowded streets:

Cheeseburger shirt Tokyo

Yes, it’s a “burger” shirt! With that in mind, I forced my wife Alex to search the crowded street of Kabuki-cho and Shinjuku for just one thing: a burger!

us on the streets of shinkuku daytime

This was Alex’s first time to Tokyo, so we hit a bunch of different neighborhoods – all packed with people – with a singular goal in mind. I knew I had to try a burger while I was here, and one day as we rounded a corner, look what we found:

Lotteria Tokyo

Yes, it was a bit rainy outside, but Lotteria burger was exactly what I wanted to find. I have posted about them many times, and I had to see it for myself. Once inside, the burger chain was already showing me signs of greatness:

Lotteria shrimp burger Tokyo

Wagyu beef burger Tokyo Lotteria

The “special” burger was a $10 Wagyu beef burger – served simply with a big round wagyu patty, some lettuce and mayonnaise…

Wagyu beef burger from Tokyo

Lotteria burger

At first glance, the burger isn’t impressive: not that big, daily plain in appearance – but take a bite and what you get is a huge mouthful of wagyu flavor!

Lotteria Tokyo Wagyu Burger

John rieber wagyu burger Tokyo

The flavor was terrific, and the crunchy lettuce and mayo were a great accompaniment…in fact, the only issue was that patty: it was so huge and round like a tennis ball that the patty and lettuce kept sliding out of the bun!

Tokyo famous Lotteria burger

Alex had a bite and agreed that it had a very strong beef flavor – and it was a nice way to bite down on some unique Tokyo wagyu!

Lotteria Tokyo restaurant

Lotteria Tokyo signs

Lotteria offers tiny little cubicle seating, and inspirational signs all around you…it was a fun place to go for a quick bite!

However, I wasn’t able to sample my favorite Lotteria burger, which is this:

Lotteria the burger with everything on it

The “Burger With Everything On It!”

I could have had a shrimp burger, a burger with an egg on it, and other varieties as well. They were out of the special edition “burger with everything on it”, but don’t worry, you can see the entire recipe for it here:

I also decided to make my food wearable, so I located this T-Shirt:

Tokyo junk food cheeseburger shirt

How could I resist buying this? Alex did ask me – over and over again – if I was seriously going to wear it, but I shrugged and said “who knows?

Now, time for some plastic food!

Kappabashi food district Tokyo

Meet Chef Kappabashi!

Well, that’s not his name, but it is IS the name of Tokyo’s “kitchen town”, a series of streets full of kitchen supplies – and plastic food! It sits alongside a small road that is very colorful:

Kappabashi streamers

In Japan, every restaurant shows you the kind of food they serve by lining up “plastic” samples in the window – so you know exactly what kind of menu they offer…so we went to the source to buy our own…

Maiduru food store Tokyo

Tokyo Maiduru fake food store

Maiduru’s Legendary “Fake Food!”

The best-known store for plastic food is Maiduru, so we went into to see all of the greatest plastic food they had to offer:

plastic sushi kappabashi tokyo

Alex and Jeff plastic food shopping

My son Jeff joined Alex in a search for a new iPhone cover for me – you know, to replace this one:

wacky iphone cover

Unfortunately, there were no good replacements, and the iPhone6 offered this crazy option:

uniuqe iphone cover oyster shell

Yes, it’s an oyster shell stuffed with what looks like a yellow oyster! And it was HUGE! No such luck with that, so I did the next best thing.

I bought this plasticized triple cheeseburger!

unique cheeseburger products plasticised in Tokyo

What will I do with it? You are asking the wrong question! The real question is: “how cool are you?” And the answer is: “very.”

I think I will use it as a paperweight – or just a triple cheeseburger always in the office to remind me of lunch.

If you want to see more Tokyo burger magic, take a look at this “Stairway To Heaven”:

Tokyo burger tower

This “Tokyo Burger Tower” was dubbed a “stairway to heaven”…here is the entire recipe:

Of course, we’ve been enjoying a lot of different food in Tokyo – beginning with the food that Japan is perhaps best known for:

Tokyo sushi bars

“Breakfast Sushi!”

As one of my Japanese friends told me the other day: “even WE don’t do that!” That is “breakfast sushi”, because it is served that Tokyo’s legendary fish market beginning at 7a!

Tokyo fish market Alex montage 7.6.16

We ate it, and we loved it, and you can see more pictures of our sushi breakfast AND a tour of the legendary Tsukiji fish market here:

We also ate one of our favorite meals – a bento box of eel!

eel bowl

Even better was the “eel waiting room” we endured – which you can see more of here:

Finally, we ate another classic Japanese food: Tempura!

Tempura shrimp

Check out that tasty adventure here:

Let me know what you’d bite down on in Tokyo!

Lotteria burger

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37 replies

  1. I so love quirk…A place I would love to visit everything looks so amazing.. Love the top/sweater.. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What a fun foodie adventure!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow! An interesting trip to say the least! Thanks for taking us along – very cool.. And I love the shirt!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Wow! That looks like burger lovers paradise 🙂 I never eat at fast food restaurants, but once in a while I do have a GOOD burger. There’s a couple hole-in-the-wall place in northern California that I always visit if I’m somewhere within a 25-mile radius. lol


  5. That Burger With Everything On It looks pretty darn full, does anyone really eat those? As they were out of them, I guess they do. As for wearables with burgers on, it’s interesting to see love for the meat and buns is taken seriously enough as to become fashionable! What a great visit though and fab pics, I could definitely go for a (small) burger now 🙂
    Caz x

    Liked by 1 person

    • One thing to know, the burger, like all food in Japan, wasn’t that big at all, so it was easy to enjoy without feeling too full…they really like their burger in Tokyo, but as with their other food, they keep it in moderation – thanks for the comment!


      • I guess it’s a case of ‘it’s not the size that matters’… Sorry, couldn’t help myself! I think that’s good though, to not overdo things so customers can enjoy things more healthily and easily. If only the rest of the world did the same.. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • Indeed, portion sizes in the US have almost doubled int he past 40 years…I read that food companies decided that since the population wasn’t growing fast enough, they needed to sell more food to the same people to grow sales!


  6. So, ummm, what did you do with the plasticized burger??

    Liked by 1 person

  7. That shirt!! And your t shirt – pics of you wearing it please!!! The plastic food is just mad….I do feel very hungry now though x

    Liked by 1 person

  8. The burgers sound really good, John. My family would like them I am sure.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Reblogged this on johnrieber and commented:

    That time I bought plasticized food in Tokyo


  10. I get it completely, John. It’s not about wearing the shirt, it is knowing that you have it, and can if you want to. I did the same thing in Egypt, and have never worn a shirt festooned with images of Pharaohs and Gods.
    As for the plastic burger, of course you just had to buy it!
    Best wishes, Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Definitely wear the shirt! 😉



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