Bacon Oreos! The World’s “Wildest Food”! Brain Burgers! Fish Hot Dogs!

Nothing Like The Great Taste Of Food!

OK, perhaps in this case, this person isn’t enjoying their meal – but isn’t that why it’s so much fun to try new things: you never know what kind of taste sensation you may get…isn’t that really the whole idea behind deep fried bacon?

crazy bacon recipes bacon

Well, it’s with that in mind – oh, and perhaps my favorite: the “Cheeseburger in a can”…one of these days someone will buy this for me so I can make that same face…

Cheeseburger In A Can

Behold The Burger Majesty Of “aligot”!

But not all cheeseburgers are canned – check this out!

MOS Burger, the Japanese fast food chain famous for being a fresher, slightly healthier alternative to other hamburger joints, has unveiled a new hamburger – loaded with French demi-glace sauce and aligot, a sumptuous mix of potato and cheese…

demi-glace cheeseburger

The “No Bun” Burger!

And MOS hasn’t stopped there: they also released an Mos “Green Burger” nestled in the leafy green goodness of lettuce.

japanese green burger

It’s called the Mos Vegetable with Sauce Aurore for 320 yen (US$3). It’s a beef patty topped with tomato and aurora sauce, which is a very creamy French sauce reddened to a nice pink with tomato.

Whatever happened to one of THESE?!?


It seems that anything worth doing is worth overdoing: click here to see the pandemonium underway right now for a “Ramen Burger!”

top ten wildest food ramen_burger

It is with that in mind that I want to discuss what I think are the ten wildest things being eaten in the world today…

Ready To Begin A “Food Fight?”

John Belushi Food Fight!

Of course there will be disagreements – there are WAY more than ten strange food items in the world, but we had to start somewhere! I say anytime someone – like my beautiful daughter Jessica, for example – sees a food item and makes a face like THIS:


That look means the item – in this case a “Green Peas Pachisio Burger” deserves to be discussed! And no, we didn’t buy it – but we should have – because it was being offered in Tokyo, and that means it would have been memorable – like this food stall that serves Octopus On A Stick!



As you can see, it’s a colorful world of food out there to explore, so let’s go!

One caveat: this list will NOT include anything like THIS:

weird food

A Ban On Fried Bugs!

NO fried bugs, roasted spiders, larvae of any kind, etc. That kind of food is disgusting on purpose – and usually eaten on a dare – no, the wildest food on the planet made this list because it is a unique delicacy of a region that eats it for one of two reasons:


Yes, this is an internet image of a woman eating cake. It is meant to symbolize people eating food for one of two reasons: first, you eat for survival – if you don’t eat the strange food item you will die, so you eat it for survival – the second reason is because it is a cultural delicacy specific to that country or region. Got it? You decide which category pertains to the cake.

Cue The Potato Party!


So, when you read a story about how Asian fast food restaurants are throwing “potato parties” like the one you see above – when entire tables are covered in french fries – you can discount the cultural influence, it’s just wacky! Kind of like the “Bacon Oreo”:

bacon oreo

That’s right, it’s a “bacon Oreo”. There is nothing cultural about this dish, and no one would eat it for survival. It’s just food being abused for the sake of entertainment.

And while some of this food may sound strange to you, imagine what most of the world thinks of THIS!

world's wackiest burger

With that in mind, I give you the ten strangest food items currently being eaten around the world – and I bet some of them are actually GOOD! Then again….

10 – A “Fish” Hot Dog!

fish dog hot dog

Imagine going to a hot dog stand, ordering “the usual”, and being served this! Well, they are serving them up in China, so head on over and bite down hard! This is, in fact, the tip of the strange chinese food iceberg – more to come!

But first, since we are talking icebergs, let’s head to Iceland for some fish!

9 – Hakarl – Fermented Basking Shark


Typically eaten in Iceland, Harkarl is “fermented basking shark” – and is, naturally, an acquired taste. Chef Anthony Bourdain described it as “the single worst, most disgusting and terrible tasting thing” he had ever eaten.

Let’s head to Japan for a snack instead…

8 – Almond Fish

almond fish tokyo snack

I have shared these with you before – I purchased them in a store in Tokyo. They love dried fish in Tokyo, and they love almonds as well – and here you can love both AT ONCE.

OK, rather just have a sandwich?

7 – Fried Brain Sandwiches


Virtually every country in world does SOMETHING with brains – whether it’s used in cheese, pates, or some other manner – it’s a part of the animal that gets used for many reasons – but this is the most basic: deep fry a patty of it and stick it between two buns. Done. Close your eyes and you don’t have to see it…and speaking of eyes…

6 – Tuna Eyeball

top ten wildest food tunaeyeball

Talk about using all parts of the fish! These can be found in most Japanese grocery stores for about a dollar. According to the website I found this at, “it tastes something like squid and should be boiled prior to consumption.”

Boiled Tuna Eyeball? No thanks, I’ll stick to sweets!

5 – Pork And Seaweed Doughnut

pork and seaweed doughnut

Then again, IS THIS CONSIDERED A SWEET? Dunkin’ Donuts is expanding their menu offerings in China, and they have created a savory doughnut stuffed with shredded pork and seaweed.

I would definitely try this! Talk about your sweet and savory! Now let’s head to Sweden to see what they have going on…

4 – Surstromming!

world's wildest food surstromming

Help yourself to some “Surstromming”, a northern Swedish dish – it’s fermented baltic herring – usually sold in cans. And, from the story I found, “while they are being shipped the cans sometimes bulge due to the ongoing fermentation. Recently, a study in Japan found that “surstromming” releases the most putrid odor of any food in the world.”

The most putrid odor in the world? I can only imagine how it tastes…I need a drink to wash this down…

3- Caterpillar Fungus Beverage

Catapillar fungus beverage

Well, that sounds refreshing!

The caterpillar fungus is actually a traditional medicine that is widely used as a tonic or medicine by the Chinese. And it’s a lucrative market!

In China’s Yunnan Province, caterpillar fungus sales account for 60 to 80 percent of annual household cash income! Imagine making your living selling caterpillar juice! I wonder what else the chinese are up to:

2- Hot & Sour Fish Soup Potato Chips!


I’ve written about this before as well – a perfect example of western food being adapted to a new market. The chinese love potato chips, so Lay’s decided to go after that market by offering uniquely chinese flavors like “hot and our fish soup” potato chips!

You can read the entire story of crazy potato chip flavors in china by clicking on the link below:

Finally, I had to leave you with what could be the most extreme – yet real – food item available today:

1 – Yak Penis – Yes, YAK PENIS


I found this on a website that pointed out “The Chinese eat anything with four legs, except tables. And everything that flies, except airplanes”.

This dish might just prove that true. It’s known as “Dragon in the Flame of Desire” – famously served in the Guolizhuang Restaurant of Beijing.

It is known to have medicinal value…as to how it tastes….

Let me know what you think of the list!

fish dog hot dog

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  1. Some wacky burgers here, John and bugs they are ok as long as they are crispy 🙂


  2. O.M.G. I must have had the most horrified expression on my face! My husband looks at me and asks “WHAT’S WRONG?!?” while I’m reading this post. LOL
    That was rather excruciating to read.
    I was in a coastal Alabama town last summer and saw they had a bacon sundae on the menu. I’ve not seen it since but I’m sure other locations have it. I don’t know, maybe it’s good. I just don’t see how.



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