“Pepsi Chicken” Potato Chips! “Fish Soup” Chips! China Goes Chip Flavor Crazy!

Pepsi Chicken Potato Chips

Pepsi-Cola Chicken-Flavored Lay’s Potato Chips!

Yes, they exist and are for sale in China! Thanks to The Huffington Post’s Food section, I found this amazing taste treat!

China Pepsi Chicken Potato Chip Ad

Ad Age points out that cola chicken is a popular dish in China. Cola is often mixed with soy sauce and spices in a marinade that caramelizes when sauteed.

Here is the ad that is running in China:


The chips, which launched in August, are one of several new chip flavors PepsiCo has launched in recent years. Others include lemon tea, cucumber and hot-and-sour fish soup.


Yes, and here they are!

Hot and sour fish soup potato chips

And you know what? I’d eat these! They sound great, and so do THESE!

“Italian Red Meat” Potato Chips!

Italian-Red-Meat-potato chips

That’s right, Lay’s Potato Chips come in a whole lotta fun flavors in China..I particularly like the idea of Italian red meats in my chip…or for the healthy, how about this:

Blueberry Potato Chips!

blueberry potato chips

Then again, if you really want a taste of the far east, put a few of these in your mouth and bite down hard:

Numb And Spicy Hot Pot Potato Chips!

numb and spicy hot pot potato chips

Need to cool down after all that heat? No problem, Pringles has you covered!


dill pickle pringles

You know, I think anything can be added to a chip and come out tasting good…like these for example:


crab cream cheese pizza doritos

Let’s all go to China and dig in!

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  1. I don’t know about the chips, other than possibly the pickle ones, but cola chicken sounds intriguing. Off to find a recipe now.


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