“Jerseylicious” Season 6! The “Unseen” Episodes! The Latest With TV’s “Glamour” Cast!

jerseylicious where are they now

All Hail “Jerseylicious”!

It was the biggest hit for the style network, and made its cast members stars! But more than that, “Jerseylicious” attracted millions of fans, who watched every week to see how these professional hair and makeup artists from New Jersey handled a myriad of personal and professional issues…

unseen Jerseylicious episodes

The Style network shut down last year, and the final season of “Jerseylicious” – season 6, went un-aired in the US…but was seen by millions of fans around the world! Time to give US fans what they want as well!

where are they now jerseylicious

“Jerseylicious” Appreciation Day!

Those “lost” episodes have made their way to social media, where fans can now see them in their entirety….I will have more on that in a moment, but first, to say “thank you” to this great cast, here is some “Jerseylicious” appreciation – and a look at what is happening with the cast now – and then, how to find the “unseen” episodes!

First, meet Olivia Blois-Sharpe and Tracy DiMarco from the first season – oh, did you know they don’t get along?

Jerseylicious feuds

Olivia and Tracy’s dislike for each other was just one reason the first season was such a big hit, and that helped form the promotion of the next season, like this dynamite poster, celebrating the dysfunctional relationship between Tracy and Olivia.

Olivia Blois Sharpe Jerseylicious Tracy DiMarco

The Style network team did an amazing job of promoting the show, including this huge billboard in Times Square:

Olivia posted this selfie’s of her with the show billboard in the background…

As you can see, the cast loved the show as much as you did! So, for fans around the world, the “unseen” season six is coming to light!


Here is one of the great ad campaign: Anthony Lombardi and Gayle Giacomo having a tug of war with Gigi, Tracy and Olivia caught in the middle…

It was less than four years ago that “Jerseylicious” premiered, and America quickly fell in love with the entire cast from The Gatsby Salon in New Jersey.

Olivia Blois Sharpe Jerseylicious Tracy DiMarco


Here are some fun facts about the show. The first “Jerseylicious” spinoff was “The Glam Fairy”, which followed the life of Alexa Prisco and her team of Glam Fairies in Hoboken…

Gigi and Frankie went to Cape May in season one of “Jerseylicious”. Picturesque Cape May holds the distinction of being the oldest seashore resort in the United States and one of the most unique.

Gigi and Frankie broke up in Atlantic City…which recently announced that several of their casinos are closing…but it was sure fun to film the finale of season four there as well…

olivia blois-sharpe jerseylicious

Olivia is shown here pumping her own gas, which is a no-no in Jersey – that’s right, you can’t pump your own gas in the garden state!

Here are Olivia and Gigi behind the scenes on day one of filming season 4…

And Tracy DiMarco took plenty of great behind-the-scenes pics as well…lots more about the incredible changes in Tracy’s life still to come!

The cast was terrific to work with, and loved to take behind-the-scenes photos while working – here are a few of the ones they posted for fans…

And of course, one of my favorite pictures is Olivia sporting a cheeseburger hat!

Olivia Blois Sharpe in cheeseburger hat

And of course, we have watched as Gayle’s daughter had a baby…

So far on “Jerseylicious” we saw Gatsby Salon owner Gayle Giacomo become a Grandmother, and her daughter Christy become a Mom…and Gayle and Cristy still run The Gatsby Salon in central Jersey, so go see them!

Anthony Lombardi also got to showcase his son on the show…an adorable kid who has all of his Father’s sophistication…


And More Babies On The Way!

If you are a true fan, you know that one of the other cast members is now pregnant…

steve harvey jerseylicious

Congratulations to the Jerseylicious girls on their Steve Harvey talk show appearance!

Olivia Blois-Sharpe Jerseylicious

tracy dimarco jerseylicious

Welcome back, EVERYONE! It’s “Unseen” Jerseylicious Time!

jerseylicious season 5 promo

Jerseylicious logo

The “Unseen” Season 6!

Because the style network shut down, season 6 of “Jerseylicious” was never seen in the US…

unseen Jerseylicious

However, since they aired around the world, there are ways to keep up with a very exciting last season of the show! Olivia promises you will love these “unseen” episodes, doing a “pinkie swear” with show creator and Executive Producer Alex Duda!

olivia blois-sharpe and alex duda

olivia blois sharpe jerseylicious

Olivia Sings The Theme Song!

You knew this, right? Olivia recorded the theme song for the show, and here is a terrific behind-the-scenes look at the recording session!

jerseylicious steve harvey

Tracy, Gigi and Olivia Visited Steve Harvey!

Gigi, Tracy and Olivia were on Steve Harvey’s talk show last year, talking about the new season…and here they are posing with Steve, Alex and Kareen!

steve harvey, alex duda and jerseylicious cast

And here is a shot of Alex Duda – the Creator and Executive Producer of “Jerseylicious” as well as the Emmy-Award-Winning Executive Producer of Steve Harvey – backstage with Olivia right before the taping of the show:

olivia blois-sharpe and alex duda

And while she was there, Olivia shared some makeup tips with Steve’s website:

olivia blois sharpe


So many great memories of Jerseylicious, here are some more candid pictures of the cast:

jerseylicious cast pose

Olivia Blois-Sharpe Jerseylicious

Jerseylicious Olivia Tracy Gigi

jerseylicious tracy dimarco and olivia blois sharpe

No Season 6!

Season 6 episodes had been on youtube, but now they have been taken down! That means there is no current way to see this last season – unless one of the US cable networks decides to put it on the air!

jerseylicious Olivia filming season 5

Hope you get a chance to see the last season of the show – and keep showing your support on all of the fan websites, so we can make a case for more shows!

jerseylicious  michelle and olivia

Tracy Parties In Las Vegas!

Here is a shot Tracy posted from Las Vegas with her girlfriends – at her Bachelorette party!

Tracy DiMarco Las Vegas

Tracy’s Bridal Party Weekend!

Tracy Bridal Party Weekend

Great pics of Tracy having a ball, that’s because Tracy marries Corey Eps in season six…


This dramatic moment happens later in the season, so look for it online! And congratulations to Tracy and Corey for this incredible moment!

Jerseylicious wedding

Tracy’s Having A Baby!

And even MORE dramatic news: Tracy is pregnant!


Tracy and Corey announced this news online and in OK magazine, and it has the fans so excited! Thanks to “Mother Hubbard Photography” for these terrific pics!

tracy-dimarco-jerseylicious pregnancy-

Tracy and Corey are so excited and happy – and I can’t wait to see what’s next for them!

Jersey IS “The Glamour State”!

Olivia, Anthony and Karl Giant have kept very busy as well:

Jerseylicious glamour_state_book_cover_image

The Glamour State!

And of course, Olivia, Anthony and Karl Giant put out a great book, which you can read about by clicking here:


It’s a book full of great cast photos and Jersey trivia!

Jerseylicious book back cover

So stay in touch with the cast in person, online, through social media – stayed connected to the cast! And go see Anthony at his salon in Jersey – the Anthony Robert Salon. Go see all of the cast and tell them you miss them!

jerseylicious cast pose

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98 replies

  1. Hi everyone, Miss you all .would love another series. Happy Christmas to you all.carol from Cornwall ,England xxx


  2. Hi guys we miss u please come back we love . Oliva I love u God bless u guys

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi guys we miss u please come back we love . Oliva I love u


  4. I think the Jersey licious is one of the best reality shows on TV and we truly miss it seen all the characters on the show we appreciate all the tips and styles that you showed us over the years and all the scenes to all the hairstylist nails . I hope one day that yours does as well come back on the air it would be great for all the fans who support the channel. So I hope that all you have a wonderful holiday and a wonderful New Year’s take care and God bless to all of you out there

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  5. I loved the show bring it back

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Cant maybe you’ll make a plan and bring back jeseylicious it was one of the best shows I’ve ever watched,its lindiwe from South Africa PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE WE REALLY MISS THE SHOW GOOD PEOPLE 😂😥😌😢

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Everyone should go to this page and click on the ‘contact us’ link (in menu) and ask them politely to bring back Jerseylicious!


  8. Is there any talks of another season with a different network? Everytime anyone asks this question on social media it gets ignored. Either something is going down and lips are sealed or the stars are sick of the question. Fingers crossed its the first reason! Lolz 😊


  9. I love watching the show. I live in England. Hope i get to see show. 6. Love it.


  10. Anyone know what Olivia is up to? All her social media hasn’t been updated in awhile


  11. Loooove jersylicious all the way from Nigeria. But TSN got scrapped from our cable.oh I miss olivia


  12. Hy guys good to see more and more people appreciate good hollywood movies. I am glad to see more newly websites about movies growing every day like yours and mine as well. If you want to visit my site here is the link awesomemovieshd.blogspot.com. I update it every day with latest movies in HD. Just click the play button and enjoy. No annoying ads no payments of any kind just fun. Enjoy :)))


  13. damn i miss Jerseylicious!!!
    South Africa


  14. thats why I hate watching new shows they never end them


  15. Hey way is tracy and Olivia not mates for and she is a bit bully we can’t u find season 6 xxx


  16. Hello from Dubai
    We watched the show here as well. Loved it. All the characters all so trashy that we were shocked first but then started to enjoy it. Actually, jerseylicious became a part of our vocabulary. When you mean something fake, trashy, bad taste, you say jerseylicious, and everyone understands. And when they give style advice – it’s hilarious!
    My husband’s favorite character is Frankie’s dad. Mine – the pizza queen who to me is the quintessence of trash
    Brilliant show, we are really missing it and want it back!

    Liked by 1 person

  17. I LOVE Jerseyliscious and miss it so much. My husband is even a fan! We think Olivia is adorable and I’d love for her to do my hair. The whole cast is terrific, but we get sick of Tracy’s attitude. She doesn’t need to be so jealous of Olivia, Tracy is very talented and needs to relax and stop letting every little thing that Olivia does piss her off. It just seems that she has a lot of anger and needs to let go of the high school drama and not concern herself so much with Olivia. It sounds like she has plenty to keep her concerned on the homefront! Please bring us Season 6! We are waiting with fingers crossed! Looking forward to catch up with Olivia and the rest of the gang.

    Liked by 1 person

  18. Hi I really miss the programme.
    And Oliva I think you are great.
    Wish you guys do another series.
    Love you all.
    And greeting from the UK
    Pam x


  19. Well, I finally found all the season 6 episodes online and was able to watch them. I have one more question… Did Tracy open her own salon in the space Cory bought her as her wedding gift?


    • Melanie, I’m not sure of that…I know that Tracy has several social media sites that can update you on her status….thanks for commenting and glad you saw the season!


    • I found links to every episode in season 6 and most of the episodes in season 1 thru 5 on this website:



      • It wot lat me hit it


      • I checked the links to all of the season 6 episodes on the website and they worked for me, so you must be doing something wrong.

        1. Go to the Watch Series website by clicking on the following link:


        2. Click on the name of the episode you want to watch.

        3. A new page should open up with a list of all the links to watch the episode you chose. In the middle column of all the rows you will see boxes that say “Watch This Link”, click on one of them.

        4. A new page should open up and you will see a blue colored box that says “Click Here to Play”, click on that box.

        5. A new page should open up and depending on what link website you chose you will probably see a box that says “Wait 5 Seconds” after that 5 seconds the box will say continue, click on it.

        6. Another new page should open with a video player window, click on the play button on the middle of the window and the episode should start playing.

        So you know you can’t use a mobile device to watch these videos.


      • Thanks so much for sharing this with everyone!


  20. Jerseylicious is one of my all time favorite TV shows so when I heard the show was going off the air, due to the Style Network being shut down, I was disappointed to say the least. And to make matters worse not only are they not filming anymore new episodes, the final season (season 6) will not be aired in the US. For those of you that live in other countrys and have seen season 6 if you don’t mind can you please answer a few questions I’ve been dying to get answers to. Does anyone know if Tracy’s parents ever came around to the fact that Tracy was getting married to Cory? Did Gigi and Tracy ever become friends again? Did Olivia and Gigi ever work things out between them? Any info on season 6 would be greatly appreciated!


  21. John, can you give us an update on the show’s return status? It’s been about two yrs since it stopped airing and I still look for online for updates. Plz, plz, plz convey to the higher-ups that this show is greatly missed and the ratings will be there!! Thanks


  22. Are Olivia and Tracy friends again after the show? I’ve been really curious about this. I really want them to be friends again…


  23. I was so happy to see a couple of episodes of Jerseylicious Season 5 on Bravo today!!!! PLEASE Bravo bring this show back to us in the United States and not only will it make tons of people happy but the ratings alone will put your network far above anyone else’s.!! So many of us have been waiting and anticipating the return of this show and then Style Network was just gone which really stinks and then there’s the fact that everyone else in the world has been able to see Season 6 except for us here in the States is awful. Please bring the show back starting with Season 6 that we never got to seand then just keep the show going with more seasons to come.


  24. Not right that the US was not able to see season 6, with all of the social media and Internet sites, there should be a place to see these.


  25. Need it back on in UK !!! Such a great show ! Is itvbe going to re run it ?


  26. In Australia we last night watched season 6 and that looks like it, Are Gigi and Eric still together, Is Gail
    still working and has she found love, Is Olivia still with her gorgeous man and did she further her career over the bridge, did Tracy open her own business and did her husband go to jail for the drug bust. All these and more questions did Brooklyn leave Frankie (I hope so). Anyway we only got series 5 and 6 so hopeful for season 7 with an update on everyone. Kay


  27. Put this show on Bravo it will help there tired line up of Kardasian over and over again give us something different.


  28. Its olivia and tracy that make the show


  29. Miss your show as you never know what is going to happen on it




  31. Gutted totally gutted Luvd the show season 6 just finished here in Scotland gony miss u 😭


  32. Love love love jerseylicious it makes my evening, love sweetie pie Olivia I hope she’s still with her fella they’re such a gorgeous couple. Although Tracey’s a bitch I love her too. Can’t you carry on filming I’m sure the UK would pick it up pleeeeeese X


  33. Love love love jerseylicious it makes my evening, love sweetie pie Olivia I hope she’s still with her fella they’re such a gorgeous couple. Although Tracey’s a bitch I love her too. Can’t you carry on filming I’m sure the UK would pick it up please see were ease. X


  34. I’m so disappointed that Jerseylicious is not going to go on. I missed Season 6 and now can’t watch it anywhere. So, So dissapointed. Loved the cast, even Tracy.


  35. watching season 6 in Northern Ireland which ends in a couple of weeks 😢 please make more I don’t know what I’m gonna do without Jerseylicious It’s a great series if I ever go to New York I will visit the Gatsby and Anthony Roberts salons


  36. We need more jerseylicous on itvbe here in England! What will we do no it’s stopped being aired?


  37. Sad to know that jerseylicious won’t be aired after season 6 😢.


  38. I love the show jerseylicious since first episode but obviously I fun like Olivia’s character and Gigi with friends without Tracy. Honestly, Tracy is a fake is not real and selfish girl. She is try to achieve the goal that she cannot have it and making a clever which is she don’t have any experience to his life and keeping olivia’s felling down. Honestly Tracy is bitch than olivia period. Olivia is more popular here in England, so yes to Olivia. Come on girl you deserve it. Avid fan elvie


    • Thanks for your note and for your support of the show!


    • I think Tracy is absolutely fantastic, you cannot make sweeping statements and say that Olivia is popular in England. Tracy says it as it is and dont take any mess from anyone, like Gigi and Olivia. i don’t doubt that Tracy is popular in England, because whoever I speak to about the show, they love Tracy because she has spunk. The one thing Tracy does not do is be a brown nose, as for Olivia she needs to mind her business and go find a life instead of mixing herself in other people’s business. So what if Tracy’s a bitch atleast she stands up for what she think is right, and Olivia’s a bitch too, but they are pure entertainment for tv.


      • Thanks for your note….both Tracy and Olivia are great people – with very different personalities…both are terrific to work with, strong-willed and funny…thanks for watching!


    • Well side Elvera cowperthwaite


  39. i am gutted that jerseylicious wont be back on our screens season 6 come bravo where ru pick this up for a great money earner. olivia ur phenominal a great inspiration keep up the great work that u do im going to miss uall as jerseylicious is just lush take care and all best wishes for the future love from tanya from londonxxx


  40. I was sorry to hear the show was not going to be aired any longer. I really enjoyed watching and talking about it at work with another fan.

    Liked by 1 person

  41. Take care of yourselves and I hope your success continues.


  42. I love the show and I hope they pick it up on one of the networks. You all feel like family and I miss you so much. Good luck to all of you.



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