“The Glamour State!” Olivia And Anthony’s “Jerseylicious” Book! Karl Giant’s Brilliant Cast Pics!

Olivia Blois Sharpe Jerseylicious

Hey Olivia, what’s going on besides the latest season of “Jerseylicious”? Oh, that’s right, YOU’VE GOT A BOOK!


The “Jerseylicious” stars are now published Authors! Olivia and Anthony Lombardi, along with Karl Giant, have created a love letter to the garden state of New Jersey!

Anthony Lombardi Jerseylicious book

Congrats, Ant!

As you’ll see soon, Anthony wanted to create a book that celebrated everything about the Garden State, and since Frank Sinatra was a good Jersey Boy, Ant dressed up just like him! Great shot by Karl Giant!~

Amazon’s Got It!

Click this link to order a copy!


Olivia Blois Sharpe Jerseylicious book

Behold the terrific photographic work of Karl Giant!

Karl Giant

Karl is featured regular on “Jerseylicious”, and an amazing photographer/art director/fashion photographer, and so much more…for example, the work he has done on the cast is amazing! Here are some shots of Karl and the cast from the style Jerseylicious fan page!

Olivia Blois Sharpe and Karl Giant

Karl shot the front cover of the book, of course, as well as great shots of the cast for the interior of the book..here is Karl in action:

Jerseylicious Karl Giant Photographer

Karl shot all of the great shots in the book, like the cool cover – and here is the back cover!

Jerseylicious book back cover

There is a ton of press out right now to promote the release of the book – here is the great article from OK magazine that just hit stands!

‘Jerseylicious’ Stars Anthony and Olivia Talk New Book ‘The Glamour State’
By Kelly Bryant

Photography by: Karl Giant

Jerseylicious glamour_state_book_cover_image

If you think the cast of Style Network’s Jerseylicious only loves drama, you’re wrong. They also have major adoration for their home state. In honor of Jersey’s 225th birthday this year, cast members Anthony Lombardi and Olivia Blois Sharpe, along with series guest star Karl Giant, set out to create “The Glamour State”, a book paying homage to the area’s major achievements since its inception.

The Garden State Book

Bravo, Anthony!

“I’ve been wanting to do a book for a couple of years now but I wasn’t sure what to do,” says Anthony. “I stumbled on this story that New Jersey is turning 225 years old and I was like, ‘I’m on a show about New Jersey. I’m a proud New Jerseyan. How can I somehow incorporate the state that I live in and still keep it in the world of fashion and makeup?’

Jerseylicious book

I approached Olivia about it and we came up with doing a retrospective of New Jersey through the years. It was too impossible to get everything so we picked out some key things, iconic figures and brought it all back to the hair and beauty industry.”

Jerseylicious Anthony Lombardi book

Aside from well-known New Jersey icons like Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi, what else can the Garden State claim? Glitter, for one! Here is Olivia laying glitter on Michelle for the book!

Jerseylicious glitter

“One fact that really made me happy and made complete sense is that glitter was invented here,” says Olivia. “I had no idea but it makes sense because we love glitter. There’s glitter in everything we do.”

Olivia Blois Sharpe and Anthony Lombardi

The Jerseylicious cast supported Anthony and Olivia’s project so much that they offered themselves up to be photographed in an array of wild, but stylish, scenarios, and even set their personal conflicts aside for two days to make it happen.

Jerseylicious book photos

Gigi’s Cranberry Dish!

Yes, Gigi braved the cold cranberries for the sake of art!

Jerseylicious Gigi book

“Everybody was so cool and whatever we told them to do, they did,” says Anthony. “I’ve been around these people for a long time and I’ve seen them freak out over the stupidest things but this couldn’t have gone smoother. The only one that gave me a problem was Alexa not wanting to be in the book because at the time she was 8 ½ months pregnant. The one thing I’ve learned is you don’t mess with an 8 ½ month pregnant woman because you’re not going to win that battle.

Alexa Prisco Glam Fairy Pregnant

When she told me no I tried to convince her a little bit but she didn’t really love the way she looked and, like I said, I get it.

Here Is Alexa And Her Husband Danny!

Alexa Prisco Pregnant

Back To Anthony:

I thought Gigi was going to give me a problem with getting into the pool of cranberries. No, she put that bathing suit on and jumped in that tub without a second guess.”

Jerseylicious Gigi book

What a terrific shot by Karl!

When it comes to choosing a favorite image from the book, Olivia admits she just can’t do it.

Olivia Blois Sharpe Jerseylicious book

“All of the pictures are so amazing,” gushes Olivia. “I really love every single one of them. I really like the cranberry one because I think Gigi looks flawless and phenomenal in it. I love that she’s bathing in cranberries but, overall, I really love every single one. There wasn’t one picture where it was a nightmare to do. Every single picture I had a blast. We had two days to get all of those shots in and we accomplished it and everyone had a good time. It wasn’t easy but I had so much fun with every single picture.”

Anthony Lombardi book

“The Glamour State”, which will be available for purchase on Amazon beginning March 31, already had a fabulous book launch party that was filmed for this Sunday’s episode of Jerseylicious.

Tracy DiMarco

You will also see great pics of Tracy DiMarco, along with Gayle and Christy, Filipo and his Mom…the whole gang from the show!


And read Karl’s thoughts on putting together the amazing photo shoot – from this interview on the style website!


Catch all of the drama on Jerseylicious, airing Sunday at 8/7c on Style. And here is some additional fun “Jerseylicioius” stuff!

Olivia’s Cheeseburger Cap!

Olivia in cheeseburger hat

Well, it’s actually my wife Alex’s hat, thanks to the terrific knitting work of Alex Sim-Wise…you can read more about Sim-Wise’s handiwork HERE!


Alex Sim-Wise makes great knitted stuff, and of course, Olivia just HAD to try on my wife’s Christmas present: a knitted Cheeseburger cap!

Olivia Blois Sharpe Jerseylicious

Get Even MORE Jerseylicious!

Here is my post of previous Jersey fun facts and behind-the-scenes pics:


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10 replies

  1. Im so so numb right now!! Sitting on sofa for last ten mins so sad that the last airing of this FaB u LouS show Jerseylicious has finished.
    Followed it daily!!
    Someone please restart this Great show!!!
    99% loved you all…..luckily at home we can use the ‘mute’ button for Tracy. Ive never done this before….but I just couldnt torrerate her energy of..can I use the word evil. She doesnt realose shes doing what shes doing….Im hoping she learns something by watching it.
    Olivia & GiGi…..what beautiful people woth great balanced souls.
    Antony…..would love a marry a clone of him….a great man on so many levels.
    Gail & Chrissie I loved……and this is how a mother & daughters life should be….great energy!!!
    So…….what am I todo now? 😦
    Ive just ordered aload of animal print blankets….in hour of Jerseylicious/Olivia. …Im already a Hairdresser last 30yrs……soooo I’ll just have to wrap myself up & give myself a Jerseylicious cuddle….oh and follow you all on social network….I already do LoL…. (sadly not T)


  2. I’m a 52 year old mum from Essex in Endland the great UK I am in my bed a lot as I have trouble walking and I have trouble with my neck I cannot turn my head left and right I am in pain 24/7. I love to watch Gayle, Olivia, Gigi, Anthony its brilliantly made even if people are saying its staged something like cat fights you cant stage. I love it all I cant wait for the evil one Tracey’s wedding its going to be over the top a soooo TACKY im so looking forward to seeing it lol. Series 6 ep 3 in 15 mins so thank you Olivia and co for making 45 mins of my day you make me smile as I was their age once just enjoy yourselves my love’s team Olivia and Gigi all the way. Frankie wake up and marry your sole mate Gigi xxxx


  3. I love watching this every day and especially love Olivia. Since watching this my style and makeup have got much better. I want to start following her blogs but don’t know how is it just Twitter??. Love you Olivia!!!!


  4. I love Jerseylicious, and I miss watching it for so long now. I only have basic cable tv, and you think that Bravo tv, could just pick up another channel in the 200’s so we all could watch this show on basic cable tv. I miss you all, so much. Miss the show. Miss you Olivia, Anthony, Gigi, etc…..Congrat’s Alexa on your marriage and baby with Danny. Olivia, I want to know more about what’s going on with you. Gigi, are you still with Gayle’s Salon? etc…. I miss you all. So thrilled when I found this site tonight. So happy that I see all this going on. Great, Great, so Great / Fantastic Job, “Olivia & Ant” for the Glamour State, Book & Photo’s.” OMG, it is all so
    Fantastic. Such a great job. Hope to hear from you Olivia & all. Miss you guy’s so much. Want to watch you all again, just can’t afford it. Have to stay with Basic Cable. I wish Bravo tv, would pick a regular tv station and air Jerseylisicous, so we all could watch your show. I miss it awful. Great Job, God bless you all. Sheila


    • Thanks for your comment, and let Bravo know that you want to see more of Jerseylicious. They have run previous seasons in the past. Olivia, Anthony, Tracy, Gigi, Gayle and the entire “Jerseylicious” cast appreciate the support!


  5. Oh wow ,I am so glad that things worked out for you guys,olivia my bestie(girl you rock jersey along with gigi)-tracey I can’t say that much about you!!the way she go down on olivia and gigi -not a good picture,but I must say I do believe in God and God wants us as people not to hurt one another,so girls please forgive tracey for all the bad things,and thank her for all the good things she’s done!!I am so proud of everyone on jerseylicious,this is me getting back to a serious note(lol),the book is amazing guys!!!Anthony Robert,first of all the owner of Anthony Robert Salon,the men with a book behind his name,best of all( great father the best husband to your wife,and a bless men)(not talking about your head(lol) ,I am talking about God-and how bless you are in him)stay this men (a men that will make everyone talk about the great things you have done) well done everyone,for the hardwork,I can see that all of your hardwork payed off!! Go gayle,looking Good!!(And u are still very young,take it from me,a lady your age’s looking that fun,I stand up for you,because where I am staying people don’t give a shi* about themself!keep up the good work gayle,and don’t stop looking after yourself!!because I wanna be just like you,the way you style yourself,is amazing)God bless you all on jersey)


  6. One thing that I love about the show is that everyone is ambitious about something new, innovative, and creative! I’ve been a REAL FAN since Jerseylicious premiered. I absolutely love Olivia…I’ve watched you grow and I love the fact that you’re such a lady, keep doing your thing girl! Congrats to Tracey and the “New Boo” XOXO, and Hellooo Ms. Gigi…you were workin’ the cranberries girrrl! Thanks to Anthony Robert… you and the crew did a great job representing your state. I live in Central Florida and before the show, I knew very little about New Jersey, I’ve never been there. After watching the show tonight, I am thrilled about visiting some day to get that Jersey feeling that was featured tonight. You guys have inspired me more than you know within my own career! So great job…PS-No more fights, get it together, Ladies!



  1. “Jerseylicious” Season 6! The “Unseen” Episodes! The Latest With TV’s “Glamour” Cast! | johnrieber

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