Jerseylicious Season 5 – Sneak Peeks, Fun Facts & Olivia Sings!!

steve harvey jerseylicious

Congratulations to the Jerseylicious girls on their Steve Harvey appearance! It’s time to say:

Olivia Blois-Sharpe Jerseylicious

Welcome Back, Olivia!

tracy dimarco jerseylicious

Welcome Back, Tracy!


Welcome Back, Gigi!

Welcome back, EVERYONE! It’s Jerseylicious Time!

jerseylicious season 5 promo

Jerseylicious logo

That’s right, it’s Jerseylicious time again! Season 5 premieres on Monday, January 28 at 8p – on the style network of course – and there is lots to discuss, but let’s get started with the style network’s official teaser!

Jerseylicious Season 5 Tease!

jerseylicious cast

This is a shot of the cast from season one, and so much has transpired since then! Season five promises to be more exciting than ever – in fact, style has also released this “super tease” of the entire season…here you go!

jerseylicious premiere party

Watch The Premiere With Tracy And Corey!

Here’s a great way to watch the premiere if you are in New York – go to Tracy and Corey’s party!

olivia and tracy jerseylicious

Tracy and Olivia were willing to do a “high five” for this behind-the-scenes photo, but you know they don’t get along like this in real life…and how about this picture of Olivia doing a “pinkie swear” with show creator and Executive Producer Alex Duda!

olivia blois-sharpe and alex duda

It has been an incredible three years since the first season of “Jerseylicious” premiered in March of 2010…and we met Olivia Blois-Sharpe, New Jersey’s smokey eye queen!

olivia blois sharpe jerseylicious

Everyone fell in love with the entire staff of The Gatsby Salon, run by Gayle Giacomo and her daughter Christie in Green Brook New Jersey…

jerseylicious gatsby salon

jerseylicious the gatsby salon

Tank The Wonder Dog!

jerseylicious production

Behold Tank, Kareen’s wonder dog-turned-PA! Kareen is one of the show’s Supervising Producers, and her dog Tank is the unofficial mascot of the show…so he always needed to be on walkie-talkie as well…here is Kareen with me, Alex and Olivia at the Jerseylicious season 4 finale!

olivia blois-sharpe jerseylicious

There are SO many great people involved in the show – a group of consummate professionals capturing life in Jersey! Here is Supervising Producer Emerlee Nelford with Olivia!

olivia blois-sharpe and emerlee nelford

Olivia Sings The Theme Song!

You knew this, right? Olivia recorded the theme song for the show, and style has this terrific behind-the-scenes look at the recording session!

Olivia Blois-Sharpe

There have been so many dramatic and memorable moments in the first four seasons, with many more to come in season five…as you’ve seen from the teaser, this is a year when Gigi stands up for herself – and runs right into Tracy’s wedding plans!

jerseylicious steve harvey

Tracy, Gigi and Olivia Visit Steve Harvey!

Gigi, Tracy and Olivia were on Steve Harvey’s talk show on Jan. 22, talking about the new season…and here they are posing with Steve, Alex and Kareen!

steve harvey, alex duda and jerseylicious cast

And here is a shot of Alex backstage with Olivia right before the taping of the show:

olivia blois-sharpe and alex duda

It was a great conversation about some of the dramatic stories that will be told in season five…and remember, these two stand together and smile because they are posing for a photo, NOT because they are friends, because they are NOT…

tracy dimarco olivia blois-sharpe jerseylicious

And while she was there, Olivia shared some makeup tips with Steve’s website:

olivia blois sharpe

So many great memories of Jerseylicious, here are some more candid pictures of the cast:

jerseylicious cast pose

tracy and corey jerseylicious

Olivia Blois-Sharpe Jerseylicious

Jerseylicious Olivia Tracy Gigi

jerseylicious tracy dimarco and olivia blois sharpe

jerseylicious Olivia filming season 5

Here is a “Jerseylicious” appreciation – and some important facts about the state of New Jersey!

jerseylicious olivia tracy pic

First, here is the official style network page for the show, with tons of pics and videos…


To celebrate season 5 of “Jerseylicious”, here are MORE fun New Jersey facts!

Food Fight!

world's biggest custard pie fight

On November 11, 2010, 671 students and staff members of The Lawrenceville School in central New Jersey set the new Guinness World Record for the biggest custard pie fight!

world's largest custard pie fight

Disco Fries At A New Jersey Diner!

New Jersey has the most diners in the world and is sometimes, in fact, referred to as the “Diner Capital of the World.” I have eaten at the Mark Twain diner in Union, New Jersey…where you get a small cup of soup or salad to go with your main course, and they do, indeed, serve disco fries…

The world’s largest statue of a tooth (15 feet tall) is located in Trenton.

world's largest tooth statue

The first drive-in movie theater was opened in Camden in 1933.

drive-in theater

Olivia is shown here pumping her own gas, which is a no-no in Jersey: You are NOT allowed to pump your own gas in Jersey…

True. You can’t pump your own gas.

And to take a left, remember to follow what the sign says…

Most left turns are accomplished in New Jersey by taking a right, then looping around and heading to the left…just follow the signs to get to:

Anthony Robert Salon!

Congrats to Anthony, Filly and Mrs. Giove for the success of the Anthony Robert Salon, can’t wait to see what is next for this crew!

anthony robert salon ws cast

I got the chance to take a picture with Olivia at the finale of season four…what a terrific person she is!

olivia blois-sharpe and john rieber

And I got to hang out with Tracy and Gigi as well backstage at Steve Harvey’s show, and they are both terrific as well…warm, caring, honest and so nice!

steve harvey jerseylicious

No reason to be jealous: everyone associated with the show has done an amazing job of sharing their lives with you – here’s to many more seasons to come!

And check out this story of Olivia’s Cheeseburger Cap!

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8 replies

  1. I live in london uxbridge and ever since jerseylicous started i fell in love with the show especally olivia she is a diamound cant wait for the next serias love from zoe x


  2. Though this programme is now more, it’s just being aired in the UK. On my observation with the Tracey scenario O can see alot of hatred for Olivia. Tracey has also said that she hates her. I think it’s jealousy and if it’s fake then that’s the storyline. It’s just a show but you cant help but get drawn into it. Tracey abuses Olivia verbally most of the time and she only wants peace when she benefits from it. It’s sad as Olivia seem to have a good heart to help her. I know I wouldnt and it just goes to show the type of person that she is. If it was the other way around Im sure Tracey wouldnt mind seeing the back of Olivia for good. Im kinda glad it’s finished as I couldnt bear anymore of Tracey’s drama!


  3. Fire Tracey she is a low class trouble making nobody- I understand why GiGi had to keep the peace with Tracey, she was stuck Olivia you need to forgive and understand GiGi postion she loves you and needs you now.


  4. Tonight at 10/11c, one of our favorite reality shows of all time returns to television, Jerseylicious . Right now we are knee deep into a Jerseylicious marathon aka style-a-thon to get ready for the season 3 premiere. Tonight we will be glued to our sets to see what happens when the Gatsby/Glam Fairy gang returns to television for season 3 of Jerseylicious .



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