A “Cheetos Fried Chicken Sandwich!” KFC “Doubles Down” Again! Their 3 Wildest Chicken Mashups!

KFC Does It Again With A “Cheetos” Chicken Mashup!

Once again, KFC has stepped up with a bold and wildly over-the-top food mashup: their fried chicken and Cheetos!

I found the story on DailyMail.com – a great place to find the wildest stories!

According to The Daily Mail:

“The chain first teased that it was testing the item in a few lucky locations in North Carolina, Virginia, and Georgia earlier this year, but the special Crispy Colonel fried chicken sandwich topped, which is topped with Cheetos puffs and Cheetos sauce, proved so popular that it is being released nationwide starting July 1.

But the sandwich — which includes fried chicken smothered in Cheetos-flavored sauce, a layer of mayo, and a helping of actual Cheetos snacks packed between the buns — is only available for a limited time.”

New Yorkers Get The First Taste!

The Daily Mail goes on to report that New York is going to get a first taste of this new menu next week!

KFC is hosting an ‘All Orange Everything’ pop-up event at the KFC on 14th Street in Manhattan on Thursday, June 27.

From 4pm to 8pm, those who drop by can try the sandwich, as well as other exclusive menu items like Cheetos-fied KFC Hot Wings, which are topped with Cheetos sauce and dust!

I read “DailyMail.com” every day for great reporting around the world, and lots of fun stories like this one – you can see more of it, along with their look at other Cheetos-inspired mashups by clicking on the story here:


And as for KFC, this mashup is nothing new – they have gotten a ton of press over the past few years by launching a whole array of wild chicken recipes – here are my three favorite food mashups from the venerable chicken restaurant:

Yes, a burger that has “fried chicken buns!” No worry about carbs here, and the buns for their burger were made with chicken! See the recipe by clicking here:


Here’s another wild idea they toss out last year:

Pickle-Infused Chicken!

Anyone who loves a chicken sandwich with LOTS of dill pickle, KFC saved you a step by injecting them right into the chicken!

See that recipe by clicking here:


Finally, no fast food favorite was safe from the KFC wizards:

The “Double Down Hot Dog!”

That’s right, my third favorite mashups involved a hot dog bun made from fried chicken! See how that turned out by clicking here:


Let me know if you are going to try the “Cheetos Sandwich!”

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19 replies

  1. You do find the craziest fast food John!!

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    • Well, someone post how much they hated it, but I pointed out that KFC has a long history of food mashups like this, and I actually found a review that said it was “surprisingly delicious.” Thanks as always for the note!

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  2. I don’t know what to say about this one. I’m definitely not brave enough to try. Interesting idea for sure!

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  3. Well, it’s a real thing, I wasn’t try to make you ill…not sure where you live that you are unaware that restaurant chains do food mashups on a regular basis

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  4. okay – i think I’m intrigued enough to try this one, Another weird find John.

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  5. I’m not that big on KFC but I admit to liking cheetos, so who knows, I might try it in a pinch!

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  6. They love to push the envelope and no apologies given. I kind of like the spirit of that. I’d love one bite of each

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  7. The chicken sandwich has just arrived here and a favourite with my grandson it does, of course, include a very spicy sauce…

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  8. I have never had Cheetos, and don’t like the look of the colouring on them. But I would have the hot dog/chicken bun any day of the week! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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