Chez L’Ami Louis! Love This $125 Paris Chicken! Garlic Potato Cake Rocks Too!


Welcome back to Paris, City Of Lights!

Behold Paris at night. It is one of the most magical cities in the world. Everywhere you turn, the city offers a explosion of light and timeless beauty…

Paris at night

The City Of Lights AND The City Of Love!

There is not only love in the air, it’s literally right on the street in front of you as well! Or at least it was the night we walked to dinner…

Paris Bride

Alex says that seeing a new bride is good luck, and was it ever on this night – because we were about to have the meal of a lifetime!

Time To Love Some $125 Chicken!

After seeing our happy bride and groom, we headed to the home to the $125 Poulet Roti! Yes, that’s a VERY expensive chicken, but how can you argue when it comes from Chez L’Ami Louis, one of the most iconic bistros in Paris?

Chez L'Ami Louis Paris

Welcome To Chez L’Ami Louis!

Here we are: the legendary Chez L’Ami Louis. This restaurant has been called “the world’s most famous bistro” – tucked away in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris – it has only twelve tables and serves meals in a traditional French setting.

Paris Chez L'Ami Louis restaurant

The interior is pure bistro – and as noted, very small…classic dark wood paneling seems SOAKED in history…

PAris Chez L'Ami Louis wood paneling

The restaurant was founded by the chef Antoine Magnin, who died in 1987. His picture hangs right next to our table, taken by a legendary French Actress. Sorry for the glare, but you get the idea: he was one classic looking French Chef.

Chez L'Ami Louis Chef Antoine Magnin

Right inside the door is a classic wooden stove, a lacquered mini-heater – that’s the best way describe it – no longer used for heating but beautiful in its history…

Chez L'Ami Louis interior

Chez L'Ami Louis stove

Let Me Hang Your Coat!

One of the funniest things I noticed was the manner in which the waiters took care of your coat – they took it from you, and with a quick flick of the arm, sent it over your head and up onto the rack above your table – see the one hanging right over the woman’s head? It was effortless and hilarious!

Chez L'Ami Louis coat hanging style

Time to get to the food…first, the menu – I didn’t get ALL of it, but most, and as you can see, the menu isn’t that large, but I think everyone is there for one thing anyway – the Poulet Roti for two:

Paris Chez L'Ami Louis menu

Let’s Start With Some Foie!

Before the main course, you have to have a starter. Chez L’Ami Louis is known for their foie gras – so we ordered it to start – and here is what showed up: a huge portion of the silkiest, most delicious tasting foie gras I have ever had:

Chez L'Ami Louis Foie Gras

Paris bistro foie gras

As you can see, gorgeous slabs of foie, presented with a stack of nicely grilled french bread:

Chez L'Ami Louis grilled bread

Paris bistro Chez L'Ami Louis food

It didn’t take long to get this first appetizer on the bread:

Paris bistro Chez L'Ami Louis

Chez L'Ami Louis Foie Gras

Time For The Vegetable Course!

Time to get some green going, and what green it is!

Chez L'Ami Louis Asparagus

The Gault Millau guide said that Chef Magnin had “an eagle eye for choosing produce” and that the meat and poultry he served was the best in Paris. Well, based on the huge stalks of fresh asparagus we were served, we couldn’t argue – and it came with a beautiful vinaigrette that was literally overflowing with herbs!

asparagus vinagrette

And once coated, the asparagus literally glistened with flavor! Oh, if you noticed on the menu, this dish was 62 euros – so you are looking at an $85 asparagus dish! And you know what? WORTH EVERY PENNY!

asparagus in vinaigrette chez l'ami louis

asparagus at chez l'ami louis

Something To Drink With That?

Well, of course you have to have wine with your meal in Paris, and so here comes the LARGE wine list to peruse:

Chez L'Ami Louis wine list

We chose a french white for the appetizers, and a hearty Cheateauneuf-du-Pape for the main course still to come:

Chez L'Ami Louis wine selections

Bring On The $125 Chicken!

Time for the main attraction: Chez L’Ami Louis is famous for their Poulet Roti for 2 – a gorgeously roasted chicken, which is brought to your table for inspection after the roasting is complete:

Chez L'Ami Louis roast chicken for two

The chicken sells for 85 euros for two – currently just over $111 – so while at this exchange rate it’s NOT currently at $125 – it is still one of the most expensive chicken dishes anywhere – but before you question that cost, take a look at the dish as they deliver it to your table:

Paris bistro Chez L'Ami Louis chicken

First thing they deliver is the breast, still attached to the bone, along with herbs and the most delicious roasting juices you can imagine:

Chez L'Ami Louis roast chicken breast

Chez L'Ami Louis chicken dish at table

Wait! What Is THAT??????

Yes, in the picture above you can see the chicken on the table to the right – but what is that to the left?

Chez L'Ami Louis potato cake

The Chez L’Ami Louis Potato Cake!

Yes, the chicken comes with a side dish: a beautifully roasted potato cake, topped with freshly chopped garlic and herbs – and you are in charge of mixing it all together!

Chez L'Ami Louis Paris roasted potato dish

There must be something in those L’Ami ovens, as the roasted flavor of these potatoes was simply amazing – and when you mix in the fresh garlic and herbs, the dish takes on a whole new flavor that is beyond description.

roasted potato and garlic at Chez L'Ami Louis

More Chicken! Yes, MORE CHICKEN!

After you are served the breast, they take the chicken away…but there is more: after you finish your first plate of poulet, they bring out the rest of the bird:

Chicken dish at Chez L'Ami Louis

What is truly amazing is that this chicken STILL glistens with juice – and the flavor of the roasted skin has seemed to get more intense by resting it…

PAris Chez L'Ami Louis roasted poulet roti

More Chez L'Ami Louis roasted chicken

The flavor isn’t the taste of chicken that we are used to in the states – it’s so much richer in flavor and depth, clearly a chicken that ran around in a wide open space and lived an active life: the flavor was intense, rich and satisfying in a way you can only get from great great food, prepared properly….

chez l'ami louis chicken

After this meal, there was no room for dessert….there was, however, time for me to get a shot of the room, and inadvertently, get a shot of my bacon-and-egg iphone case in the process – fitting for the night:

John Rieber Chez L'Ami Louis

When we left the restaurant, it had started to rain – so we ran and grabbed a taxi, which had a glass roof – allowing me to get this shot to end the night:

Paris Taxi in the rain

More Paris Food!

Here is a link to another of our Paris food adventures, celebrating the pig’s trotter:

Au Pied de Cochon Paris pig's trotter

And Here’s To Patricia Wells!

Patricia Wells and Julia Childs Stove

And here is a link to our friend and terrific Food Writer/Cookbook Author Patricia Wells, who also had thoughts on eating at Chez L’Ami Louis, which you can read HERE – including a great description of the potato dish:

And if you want a GREAT food adventure, take one of Patricia’s cooking classes! You can read about our Patricia Wells cooking class adventures HERE:

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10 replies

  1. Lol that foie gras looks exactly as AA Gill described it

  2. This time skipped the foie gras appetizer and had the duck confit (cold), and my wife and I shared our favorite dish on the menu – the escargot. The escargot at L’Ami Louis are one off the most fabulous things that I’ve ever put in my mouth. The duck was a departure from the usual foie gras appetizer that I order, and the meat was sooo dense and flavorful.


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