“Colorless” Coffee! Tokyo “Coffee Jelly”! New Ways To Consume Coffee! Wacky Japan Food!

Celebrate “Colorless Coffee”!

I had to share this latest news: a company has developed “colorless coffee”, which they say has all the flavor you demand, with none of the staining!

Here is the story from NEWSER:

“Two Slovakian brothers are promising to protect coffee lovers from stained teeth with a concoction they’re calling the world’s “first colorless coffee drink.” It looks like a bottle of water, but CLR CFF is a “potent, cold brew,” per the Evening Standard. Self-described heavy coffee drinker David Nagy says he came up with the idea with brother Adam while in London, and the brothers aren’t sharing their production process except to say it involves methods never used before. They say it’s safe, however, with arabica beans, water, and no chemicals or sweeteners. The label notes that a 200ml bottle has 100mg of caffeine, on par with a typical cup of coffee.”

Well, I just might give it a try! See what others thought by checking out the entire story on Newser:


Of course, this new coffee sensation reminded me of a unique coffee I tried:

Coffee Jelly

Nothing better than “coffee jelly” to get you caffeinated – yes, and you can buy it from a machine!

me and coffee jelly

Of course, there is only one place you go for such a treat!

Welcome To Tokyo!

Time for another trip to one of the greatest places on earth to explore: the exciting night lights of Tokyo!

tokyo night lights big lights

Eating My Way Through Tokyo!

Tokyo has more than 30-million residents – and that means there are a TON of places to eat! I loved ALL of the food I ate in Tokyo, even something as simple as this: a nice bowl of ramen noodle soup with a bit of sliced pork and egg:

Jessica’s Noodles!

My daughter Jessica joined me on one trip to Tokyo and fell in love with the ramen noodle bowls…especially the one we ordered blind from a tiny restaurant we stumbled upon – this might NOT be the restaurant – after all I take a lot of pictures, but if not it was one just like it:

Tokyo Restaurant

These tiny little restaurants are everywhere, and they didn’t speak a SINGLE word of english – in fact, they had NO menus with english OR pictures – but they really tried to guide us, and we just laughed along with them and pointed at the kitchen, and they brought us delicious bowls of soup – it all turned out great!

The Famous “Kill Bill” Restaurant!

We also had the chance to eat at the actual restaurant used for the filming of “Kill Bill” – they have some of the movie memorabilia at the restaurant, and great food too!

Today’s Push!

The fact is, you never know WHAT you will find for sale in Tokyo – it could be something as simple as “today’s push”…

I LOVE the sound of a good “meat & fish mix burger”…we were, unfortunately, in a hurry that day and didn’t have a chance to check it out…but we DID have the chance to eat popsicles from a street vendor…and yes, they were GOOD…

Jessica tokyo store

There are colorful stores EVERYWHERE in Tokyo – the city is alive with colorful signs – and I don’t care about the fact I have NO idea what they are selling…that makes exploring even more fun!

But, in some cases, you will find ads that include some english as well – and many also have pictures, so you know what you are getting . I mean, you understand what was for sale here…can’t argue with this set!

spam burger

Many days, we would just wander the streets and pop in to a noodle shop, sit down at the counter, and see what would happen…here is the small kitchen counter we sat at, and the end result of our order:

We never had a problem – everyone is so helpful – people in Tokyo are overwhelming nice and polite – and of course, virtually ALL of the food in Tokyo is terrific!

The Octopus Bar!

I love octopus, so finding an Octopus Bar was heaven for me! Look at all of the different octopus-based items for sale in such a small cooking area:

Octopus On A Stick!

Yes, there were many different way to enjoy the octopus – like getting it “on a stick”…

Or having it grilled….they had it in so many ways I didn’t even understand them all, but I tried a few and they were all great!

Tokyo’s Vending Machines!

Of course, Tokyo is famous for all of their vending machines – they are EVERYWHERE, on virtually every single block.

Tokyo vending machines

My Producer Corrado LOVES his vending machines….he had to make sure I understood how important they were to him…he actually WASN’T trying to shake it down…

tokyo carrado hugs coffee machine

Even our Host, Alex Sim-Wise, used a bit of downtime to shop at the vending machines…the rain wasn’t about to stop her!

Alex Sim Wise Vending Machines

Coffee Jelly!

The reason we love the vending machines is simple: where else can you get a nice icy cold can of COFFEE JELLY?

Coffee Jelly

John Rieber and coffee jelly

I got my can, and coffee jelly is EXACTLY what you think it is going to be: a coffee gelatin, like espresso jello – you suck it out of the can and squish it through your teeth…I mean, I think so, it wasn’t like it came with instructions…if that’s not for you, try this instead:

tokyo hard black coffee

And yes, it’s a coffee drink too…in fact, there are a ton of different coffee drinks – both hot and cold – that you can buy in vending machines in Tokyo, along with a ton of different waters and sodas like these…

tokyo vending machines

Japanese Meat Patties!

I love that you can wander the streets of Tokyo and just come across cool places to eat, like this food stall that sells fried meat patties…

tokyo crispy meat patty stall ws

tokyo fired beef patty

Of course I bought one and ate it…and it was delicious! It had a nice bit of spice to it, I assume it was beef, but if not, who cares?

tokyo meat patty

As you can see in the picture, there is also onion in there, and the japanese style coating gave it a nice unique flavor as well. It was great! In fact, you have to just go into a store like this sometimes and take your chances…

tokyo store

I mean, look at what you can find, if you just are willing to keep looking…you can get peppered BACON!

Japanese Peppered Bacon

Or, perhaps you will find hand-painted, chocolate dipped BANANAS!

chocolate dipped bananas

Almond Fish!

Or even better, a nice and healthy snack like this!

almond fish tokyo snack

Yes, this is a bag of “almond fish” – I didn’t taste them, because I wanted to keep it as a souvenir, but I woudl try it! Finally, I don’t know WHAT this ad is for, but I think this little fellow would approve of ALMOND FISH, don’t you think?

tokyo Baby food ad

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  1. I just found this and as we will be in Tokyo in 11 days (who’s counting?) am finding it very interesting. i can see lots of references to Tokyo so will have to bookmark this site.

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    • Thanks for reading! If you type “Tokyo” into the search tab, you will find I’ve posted MANY stories about Tokyo – have you been there before? If not, there are a number of stories about the following: Golden Gai, Tsukiji Fish Market, Asakusa temple and restaurant where the chefs perform traditional music as you eat, Harajuku shopping district, Shibuya crossing, Kabuki-cho entertainment district with the bikini robot battles (not dirty at all, just spectacularly colorful!) and more! You are going to have a blast!

      Liked by 1 person


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