Ringo Starr Turns 80! Happy Birthday To the “Happy Beatle!” Details On His Birthday Concert! Here Are Some Career Highlights!


Happy birthday to Ringo Starr! It’s hard to believe that the most famous Drummer in music history turns 80 years old today!


Ringo’s Birthday Celebration!

Ringo will be celebrating musically! As Rolling Stone Reports:

In celebration of his 80th birthday, Ringo Starr is putting on Ringo’s Big Birthday Show, a charity livestream that will feature performances by Paul McCartney, Joe Walsh, Ben Harper, Dave Grohl, Gary Clark Jr., Sheila E., Sheryl Crow and more.
To watch the special, tune into the official Ringo Starr YouTube page Tuesday, July 7th at 8:00 p.m. EST. The charity concert will benefit four organizations that support COVID-19 aid and racial justice, including Black Lives Matter Global Network, the David Lynch Foundation, MusiCares and WaterAid.

“I love birthdays,” Starr said in the latest episode of the Rolling Stone Interview: Special Edition. “This year is going to be a little different. There’s no big get-together, there’s no brunch for 100. But we’re putting this show together — an hour of music and chat. It’s quite a big birthday.”

That’s terrific!

He’s the most Iconic Drummer of all-time…one of four members of the greatest musical group ever…and July 7th is Ringo’s 80th birthday time to celebrate!

Let’s talk a moment to wish Ringo a happy birthday – and look at his incredible life!

Ringo Starr was the most accomplished musician when The Beatles drafted him to take over the drumming from Pete Best. He helped give Paul and John’s songs a driving beat that helped propel them to stardom. Ringo was the heart and soul of The Beatles, and has always deserved a bit more credit than he got for the group’s success…

the beatles

I assume you’ve heard of the band…The Beatles are, of course, the most influential and creative band ever assembled – but first, let’s find out more about Ringo, thanks to a terrific biography!

Ringo Starr biography

“Ringo: With a Little Help” – by Michael Seth Starr

Forget the similar last name, Michael Seth Starr has covered television as a reporter and columnist at The New York Post since 1995, with a number of great entertainment biographies. Now, he take on the world’s most recognizable drummer!

Ringo Starr The Beatles drummer

“Ringo: With a Little Help” looks at Ringo’s entire life, from his sickly childhood to what the book calls his “triumphs, addictions, and emotional battles following the breakup of the Beatles as he comes to terms with his legacy.”

Beatles Abbey Road pictures

The story of The Beatles is an amazing one, and this book takes you inside “Beatlemania” to see how life was inside the band. More importantly, it gives real insight into Ringo’s contribution – as well as his emotional state…

Beatles abbey-road

With Lennon and Harrison gone, Ringo and McCartney are the last two to keep the legacy alive, and I love that this book gives him his full due…and did you know that the other “lads” liked to mail stuff to Ringo?

Postcard From The Beatles

“Postcards From The Beatles!”

I bought this limited edition book that features the reproduction of 53 postcards sent by George Harrison, John Lennon and Paul McCartney to Ringo – when they toured without him one time because he was ill – the postcards were to cheer him up!

The Beatles postcards

The superb facsimile reproductions of the cards come with drawing and scribbles from the boys, showcasing their spontaneous wit as well as the art of The Beatles. As the promo says: “The messages sent with love and kindness give insight into the unique bond which existed between the members of the Fab Four.”

Postcard From The Beatles

The entire set came in a specially designed English “postal box” with Ringo peeking out from the mail slot…

Ringo Starr Autograph

Ringo Starr memorabilia

My limited edition copy also came signed by Ringo…it’s a great collectible!

Ringo postcards

This is now available to buy as a regular book as well, and it comes with great insights from Ringo himself.

Ringo explains the meaning behind the cards, along with great anecdotes…

Beatles Memorabilia

“Keep Off The Grass!”

I love this story from Ringo about this card:

“This is just after viewing the “Let It Be” film for the firs time. I didn’t like it that much when I first saw it. It was too much ito the discussions of John and Paul. There was the interesting bit on the day George had left and we just started playing like mad people. That how we dealt with this crisis within the band.”

Of course, the recording of the “Let It Be” album included a rooftop concert in London:

If you haven’t seen the documentary “Let It Be”, long out of print, know that Director Peter Jackson was granted access to all of the original film, and is re-cutting the documentary to give all new insight into the band. You can see more about this concert by clicking here – my story about it:


It’s a great inside look at the breakup of the band…

“With A Little Help From His Friends!”

As the biography says in the title, one song is without a doubt Ringo’s greatest moment: “With A Little Help From My Friends” from the “Sgt. Pepper’s” album – so here is a live version he performed a few years ago with Paul McCartney!

In fact, Ringo played with Paul a few years ago at LA’s Dodger Stadium – a magical reunion that was filmed for all of us to enjoy – click here to see that clip!


Even with all of the great music, Ringo was more than just a drummer!

magic christian ringostarr and peter sellers

Ringo’s Acting Was “Magic!”

Ringo was also part of the cult classic “The Magic Christian” – if you want to see Ringo’s great acting performance opposite Peter Sellers, then you need to click on my story here to see the movie trailer:


And yes, he got to spend some time with Raquel Welch in the film as well:


It’s a hilarious black comedy with a ton of familiar faces – worth checking out!

And never forget that Ringo began as the group’s most popular solo Artist after the breakup of The Beatles…he had a string of great singles like “It Don’t Come Easy” and “Photograph”…the band breaking up gutted fans, so one book imagined a world where the band DIDN’T break up and go solo at all!

Read all about the Beatles’ solo years – if they were actually Beatles albums, by clicking on my story here:


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18 replies

  1. Wow, this made me feel really, really old!


  2. How can he be 80? From the biggest Beatles fan since 1964, Happy Birthday, Ringo. I remember watching you on Ed Sullivan like it was yesterday.

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  3. Interesting John. I have not read much about Ringo though I grew up on The Beatles.

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  4. I think he was the beatle who somewhat underrated, I used to say he was the ‘fun’ beatle, but came to understand him to be a very talented musician and good person. Here’s to ringo!!

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  5. Great tribute, John. You do enjoy your Beatles celebrations! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  6. It is odd to think that Ringo Starr is 80 years old today. He would have been born during WWII and is only 18 months younger than my mother.


  7. Happy Birthday, Ringo! The coolest 80-year-old ever.

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  8. Happy Birthday, Ringo. Wasn’t he the oldest Beatle?


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