Let It Be! 48 Years Ago Today! The Beatles’ Last “Live” Rooftop Concert!

48 years ago today, the greatest musical group of all time performed for the last time – on a rooftop!

the beatles

“Let It Be” – Call It “Let It Be Released!”

There is no argument: The Beatles are the most influential musical group of all time. In a space of six years, they helped change music for all time. Their music was at the forefront of social and political change in our country…culminating in the release of “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”, without a doubt the most influential album ever released:

sgt. peppers lonely hearts club band

And In The End…

But within three years, it was all over. And the last Beatles album is the story of a band disintegrating – and the entire process was captured on camera!


“Let It Be” – The Documentary!

An inside look at the recording of the last Beatles album was filmed, released in theaters – and shortly on VHS – and now is in limbo…


The Beatles filmed a documentary that detailed the making of their final album…it was released in theaters in the early 70’s, and was also released briefly on VHS in the mid-80’s before being pulled…and now it sits unseen except by Beatles fanatics like me who own a copy…

Here is the original theatrical trailer:


“Let It Be” was the last Beatles album released, but “Abbey Road” was actually recorded AFTER it! And now, you can see ALL of The Beatles’ music videos – erad about it here!


All Beatles fans know that “Abbey Road” was the last album the foursome made together, but it was released first – as the master tapes for “Let It Be” sat on a shelf…

The Beatles Abbey Road

As you know, the “Let It Be” sessions did not go well at all – there are many books on the subject, but any Beatles fan knows that the group wanted “Let It Be” to capture a “live” feel to their new music, and they filmed the studio recording sessions for a documentary that was scheduled to be released simultaneously…

The Beatles recording Let It Be

The film was originally planned as a television documentary which would accompany a concert broadcast. When plans for a broadcast were dropped, the project became a feature film. Here they are listening to the tracks…with Yoko a permanent part of the recording sessions…

The Beatles Let It Be

Although the film does not dwell on the dissension within the group at the time, it provides some glimpses into the dynamics that would lead to The Beatles’ break-up. Yoko’s attendance is part of the unspoken friction, as well as Paul’s push to make the music better, alienating George as a result…

Paul McCartney and George Harrison fight

The documentary includes a tense exchange as Paul tries to help George play his part, and George does NOT appreciate it…

paul-and-george-argument let it be

There are several moments in the film that capture the intensity of their artistic process, and that is what makes this documentary so valuable. The film “Let It Be” has not been officially available since the 1980s, although original and bootleg copies of home video releases still circulate.

The Beatles Let It Be

And two amazing songs from that period should also be appreciated – read all about John’s “Moneky” and Paul’s primal “Feeling” by clicking here!


And now the question is:

Is There A Light At The End Of “Let It Be”‘s Tunnel?

The film’s director Michael Lindsay-Hogg has stated that the film may be released on DVD and Blu-ray sometime in 2013…but nothing more has surfaced. However, there ARE ways to see the movie, at least parts of it!

Beatles abbey-road

The Beatles Won Oscars!

Here is some great trivia: John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr collectively won an Academy Award for Best Original Song Score for the film. Yes, The Beatles were Oscar winners!

The Beatles Let It Be

The Legendary Rooftop Concert!

While the documentary includes the recording sessions, it also includes the legendary “live” rooftop concert in London…when The Beatles played live version of “Don’t Let Me Down” and “Get Back”, among others…

The Beatles Rooftop Performance

Of course, John’s classic “I hope we passed the audition” line from the performance is iconic…some of this performance has been”officially” included in the massive Beatles documentary, and much of it bootlegged online.

Here is “Don’t Let Me Down”:


48 years ago, The Beatles put on their last live performances nd while pieces of it live on various releases, fans really deserve a pristine copy of this film, which captures all aspects of the band!

With all of the ongoing reissues of material by and about The Beatles, it’s time for this gritty documentary to be released!

The Beatles Let It Be

“Let It Be” Naked!

If you go to iTunes, they have added the “Let It Be Naked” project, which takes the original master tapes from the “Let It Be” sessions and returns them to their original rawness.

Let It Be Naked

Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr were involved in removing all of Phil Spector’s lush orchestration, and the result is another interesting way to appreciate the work…but give us the uncut documentary as well!


All Beatles! All The Time!

Here are some additional posts about The Beatles you might enjoy as well:

Tommy Smothers and John Lennon

Comedian Tommy Smothers bedded down with John and Yoko for the recording of “Give Peace A Chance” – here is the hilarious story he told me about his experience working with Lennon:


If you’ve ever wondered what might have been for The Fab Four in the 70’s…

Still_the_Greatest_ Beatles book

This is a great book that looks at ALL of The Beatles solo work – re-imagined as Beatles Albums:


Ram On!

Need a mega Macca fix? Well, then without a doubt you have already bought the remastered expanded version of McCartney’s “RAM”…

Paul McCartney RAM

Check out this post, which is an in-depth look at Macca’s brilliant “RAM”, his John Lennon feud and the money battles behind the breakup of the band:


Paul & Linda McCartney

And finally, a fascinating look at John Lennon’s tirade against Todd Rundgren…


Todd Is God! Oh, But John’s Pissed At Him!

Here is another fascinating, little remembered feud:


Check out this post, which discusses the feud between John Lennon and Todd Rundgren, and the tragic Mark David Chapman connection between them:


And above all, keep listening to the music!


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  1. Reblogged this on johnrieber and commented:

    48 years ago today….


  2. Its been so long/surreal,thanks 4 the memories

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  3. I am very keen on buying one of your 16mm prints of Let it Be. Could you please email me even if already sold. Regards Garry.


  4. I have the two 16mm film reels of the Let It Be movie in pristine condition and were just used in the 6 November episode of the TV show Beverly Hills Pawn. I guess they would be valuable to a collector, on the TV show they were valued at $500, 000 +.


    • That was some story. Actually the print brought in and “examined” by David Quinones is not a pristine and one of a kind item but a faded color 16mm print. It is one of many 16mm prints that exist. A faded print is worth around 100.00. The film survives in 35mm and in Technicolor. An archival print resides in an archive in Burbank, Ca. If the print shown on television was actually worth half a million dollars, what do you think a 35mm technicolor print would be worth?


  5. Any idea on where i can find this in London?


  6. Back in the late 80’s I was well into the Beatles and I bought all the books on them I could find – I even managed to find a few VHS tapes of them but i could never get my hands on that film, the one thing i still want to see!


    • i rented a VHS WAY BACK WHEN, and – well, now i have a copy. They have hinted at releasing it, but there are some tense moments they might not want to reissue…a very upset George telling Paul, “just tell me how you wnat me to play it and I will. Or i won’t play it at all if that pleases you”…


      • I remember that bit (sound only) – I think it was on the Anthology they did in the 90s – I had it on VHS but chucked it the other day because it had been in the loft (attic) for about 10 years – I’ll get the blu-ray if and when they release it


    • thanks for reading the post and commenting!



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