Coastal Dining! Eating With Stuffed Bears! Mannequin Mates! Bumper Tables! Unique “Social Distancing” Ideas During The Covid-19 Pandemic!

Talk About The Perfect Way To Practice Safe Dining!

I think it’s fair to say I could eat this way – in this location – forever!

As restaurants struggle to re-open and serve customers safely, people have been sharing some incredible pictures.

Coastal Passion shared this amazing 3D artwork created by Paul Milinski, 3D Artist, Designer and Art Director at

The Art’s Title: “A table for two”

Follow @paul_milinski on Instagram to see more of his works:

Bravo for this! Paul isn’t alone in coming up with unique dining ides:

A Facebook friend shared this photo from Neil Astley, who captured a meal at an outdoor cafe in Paris now that’s a clever way to keep people apart!

Of course, a lot of people have shared pictures of restaurants that are using Mannequins to make sure people practice safe distancing – like this photo from the Inn at Little Washington – A THREE MICHELIN STAR RESTAURANT!

A fun bit of retro chic to be sure.

Five Dock Dining in New South Wales, Australia, uses cardboard cutouts to keep people apart:

Ocean City restaurant and bar in Maryland has a unique way to keep you apart:

Bumper Tables!

Look, whatever it takes to protect us, because surges in the virus are being linked to gatherings in restaurant, bars, public beaches and more – we just can’t seem to stay away from each other and stop the spread!

This may be our last chance!

Um…I think I will just stay home, thank you.

Look, we need to eradicate this virus, but businesses need to re-open to survive. Here is how the iconic Musso & Frank is doing it in Hollywood:

The restaurant turned 100 last year, and they reopened with a lengthy list of safety protocols – you can see them, and their incredible Martini recipe by clicking on this link:

One restaurant reopened and begged people not to review it on social media!

The Australian casual food chain Milky Lane asked people to avoid reviewing them until they had a chance to work out the kinks on re-opening – for the sake of the employees who need their jobs…see more of what they are dong to reopen by clicking on my story here!

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14 replies

  1. Great post and photos, John. I’ll take a table at the beach, or one with a giant teddy bear.

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  2. Reblogged this on By Hook Or By Book and commented:
    John’s shared some interesting ways to dine out and still maintain social distancing. I personally like the first two, but the other’s have me sticking to takeout!😁


  3. I would definitely take a seat in the first dream location. The last one reminds me of the ‘cone of silence’ from Get Smart, remember that? 😉 But for now I’ll mostly settle for takeout!

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  4. People are getting incredibly creative – doing anything to be back out in the world

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  5. I’d definitely do the seaside dining and eating with bears!

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  6. Some of those are very clever. We once ate out at a beachside restaurant in Bodrum, Turkey. The tables had their legs in the warm sea, and it lapped over our feet as we enjoyed the meal. Plus the salt water kept any biting insects away. Perfect!
    Best wishes, Pete.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I did that in Bali, Pete…simply magical! Thanks for sharing that, we have Turkey on our “want to visit” list – assuming Americans will ever be allowed to fly internationally again – we can’t get our pandemic under control!

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  7. These are all very inventive. I would want to take one of those teddy bears home though. Oh, that’s right, I have a real live one!!

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