Hollywood’s Iconic Musso & Frank Re-Opens June 26! Here Is The Release With Pandemic Protocols Detailed! Martini And Sand Dabs Time!


The headline on this press release brought a big smile to my face!

Who needs one of these?

After being closed for three months due to the pandemic, the restaurant will re-open on Friday, June 26 – here are all the details you will want to know:

The Heart of Hollywood, June 22, 2020 –

The owners of the iconic Musso and Frank Grill have announced that the restaurant will reopen to the public on Friday, June 26. The reopening follows the venue’s over three-month long closure as a result of the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic.

Note: Musso’s new, modified hours will be Tuesdays-Saturdays 5pm-11pm, and Sundays 5pm-10pm. Customers MUST make online reservations prior to arriving at Musso’s.

Reservations can be made here:


Musso’s owners and staff have been working hard to ensure the safety of their returning customers and team members. To read a letter about the reopening to customers from Mark Echeverria, Musso’s CFO/COO and a fourth-generation member of the family of owners, please visit:


The new initiatives that will be undertaken by the Musso and Frank Grill to ensure COVID-19 requirements are met can be reviewed here:


These new initiatives include:

** Before guests arrive, they will be asked to check themselves for COVID-19 symptoms. If they display any symptoms, they will be asked to please stay at home and take the necessary precautions

** In the parking lot, Musso and Frank will have an assisted parking system, not a traditional valet. One of Musso’s valets will help in guiding customers where to park. The valet will not take possession of each customer’s car unless asked to do so

** If a guest enters the restaurant from the front door (on Hollywood Blvd.), he/she can expect one of Musso’s hosts to help him/her check in while maintaining physical distance, and offering each guest a single use face covering if he/she does not have one. Each guest will also find a hand sanitizer station there for his/her use

** A manager will also greet each customer at the back entrance (via the Cherokee Avenue parking lot), and will provide a single use face covering to a guest if he/she does not have one with them. The manager will explain to guests the general face cover requirement while in the restaurant. Each guest will also find a hand sanitizer station for their use at the back entrance

** Customers will only be seated at every other booth in the Old Room, and at every other booth and at tables placed six-feet apart in the New Room

** No groups larger than 6 people will be seated or served

** 60% of the restaurant’s capacity will be permitted to dine at one time

** In addition to stations at the front and back entrances, hand sanitizer stations will also be located throughout the venue

** Managers will be stationed at both entryway doors to ensure the proper flow of people and to make certain they maintain a distance of six feet from each other

** Employees will have to fill out daily online questionnaires to ensure their health is up to par prior to their arriving at the restaurant; employees will also be temperature tested once they arrive at the restaurant

** Only customers wearing masks will be permitted to enter the restaurant. Guests will be asked to wear cloth face coverings at all times when away from their table

** Server assistants will lay out table settings (silverware, glasses, etc.) only AFTER each party has been seated at their table or booth

** Only single-use menus, which will be printed daily, will be utilized. The menus can then either be taken home by customers as souvenirs or else they will be discarded

** Bathrooms will be deep cleaned and sanitized every 30 minutes; social distancing will also be observed in both bathrooms

** Musso’s air conditioning filters have been retrofitted to include hospital grade filtration

Regarding Musso’s reopening, Mark Echeverria said:

“We are incredibly excited to see and engage with our friends again and to safely serve them after the challenges we have all faced over the past three months. Our managers have been working incredibly hard during this entire period to develop solid safety protocols which will be implemented on our first day back – June 26th. We are confident that when we reopen, our customers and our team members will be in a safe and healthy environment to enjoy the splendor of Musso’s that we have all missed over the past three months.”

This is GREAT news!

This legendary Hollywood institution celebrated its 100th anniversary last year, and I am so happy to hear it will keep going strong, so I can keep ordering these:

It’s the iconic “Sand Dab” recipe – which I always order with my Martini.

Here’s a look at the iconic restaurant – some of my favorite dishes and how they celebrated 100 years – click here to see more:


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17 replies

  1. Wow this place looks amazing. What’s your favorite dish to get there?

    Liked by 1 person

    • The Sand Dabs are a specialty, but their pasta carbonara is made using the original recipe from Rome – one of their famous star clients got the restaurant in Rome to give it to him so Musso’s could make it for him!


  2. Great news! The list they have to follow is really hard for the restaurant, yet necessary. Let’s hope things can safely ease up soon…


  3. Yes, please that cocktail would go down a treat…I like all the precautions although I wonder if it takes the edge of what would be an enjoyable evening? We haven’t ventured out yet but like you support local restaurants by ordering in… Although we are said to now be Covid-19 free… people are still being wary…I am sorry to hear of the increase in your area, John scary times still to come methinks…be well and stay safe 🙂


  4. Hi John

    All of a sudden, I can’t receive any data when I try to open your daily email.

    I really miss it!!

    Do you have any suggestions? Have you had this issue with anyone else?

    Thanks Bud


    John Steckler Principal

    OneAccord | 1018 Market Street | Kirkland, WA 98033 | m 206.999.5776 | http://www.OneAccord.co

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  5. looks like a great place, and I’m happy for them. (and all of you locals)


  6. It is nice to see businesses starting to operate again, John. Have you been out and about yet?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Robbie, I go out every day in my car because the battery died last month! Other than that, a weekly trip for errands – we have all of our groceries delivered now. You are required to wear a mask EVERYWHERE here – no exceptions. And California unfortunately is undergoing a surge in new cases…

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yes, I had read that California and Texas had surges. Do you think it is to do with all the protests? So many people marching together? We are also having a surge of infections. Not as bad as you … yet! I just wondered as I haven’t been anywhere much either and am starting to think I am being a bit OTT because other people are not being nearly as careful. My battery also died, twice, and I had to get a replacement. The down sound of staying at home. That and not listening to many audio books are my only two complaints really.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Robbie, that have NOT seen a correlation between protests and surges…in fact, it’s more likely happening in the “red” states that have chosen NOT to make people wear face masks, and have allowed beaches to re-open with no safety protocols…the “anti-mask” part of our country – which we call “Covid-iots!”


  7. Will you be booking a table, John? 🙂
    Not sure about the masks being required. They will have to be removed for drinking and eating anyway, so will they only be used for going to and from the bathrooms? Otherwise, it seems like the first step of a long road back to normal, providing eveyone sticks to the rules.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Pete, here in California you are required to wear a mask EVERYWHERE. I believe you have to wear it to your table, then you can remove it for dining before putting it back on to leave…oh my, not a fun “night out” is it? Still, we are ordering food from our favorite restaurants in order to help them survive, and even with some of the most stringent protocols in place, California is undergoing a surge again! Stay safe!

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