My “Life Thru Liquid” Photos! Malibu Sunsets Thru A Martini! My Favorite Shots Of Life – Thru Adult Beverages!

Cheers To A Malibu Sunset!

What a gorgeous sunset over the pacific ocean…taken through a Dirty Martini, of course! Some friends know that I have been on a strange kick: taking pictures THROUGH alcoholic beverages: mostly using wine or Martinis…you may be wondering: where did this strange photographic obsession come from?

I like the way images are reflected through the bottom of a wine glass, but I do know where this originated for me.

Here is where my “life thru liquid” ™ photography series began:

Welcome To New York City!

This is my wife Alex sitting in the bar at Eleven Madison Park, one of the world’s best restaurants, located in New York City.

I loved her silhouette caused by the large windows in the restaurant behind her, so I took the picture, then thought on a whim to do it again – but holding my drink up as well…and I was off and running!

There has been a common theme to these pictures: a classic cocktail in a unique location…and as you can see from the expression on Alex’s face, I quickly grow annoying with my efforts to get these shots!

That’s Alex eating soup dumplings at the legendary Lao Sze Chuan restaurant in Chicago, and here is a Dirty Martini at the iconic Cape Cod restaurant in Chicago as well:

This classic Dirty Martini helped me celebrate one last meat at The Cape Cod Room, which sadly closed for good recently…here was my chance to experience it one last time, and yes, I ordered the iconic “Lobster Thermidor”:

Dirty Martinis began to get quite a workout in the series, as Alex found out when she sat across from me in a bar:

But Alex also had to endure my taking pictures of her through glasses of wine as well – such as this Chardonnay:

Of course, I bother Alex far more than just with white wine – I’ve captured her with a big, bold Cabernet Sauvignon as well:

Then I got carried away and began to share pictures of all kinds of things through alcohol, like “Dirty Harry” as seen through the leftover condensation on a glass of Whiskey:

Yes, this shot is a classic moment from “The Green Mile”, as viewed through a Sauvignon Blanc. and if you ever wondered what Chicago’s great Second City comedy troupe looks like through a glass of Chardonnay, well now you know – and note how the audience members reflect as long “tubes”:

I also like this photo – the surreal lights of Chicago as reflected off of another Dirty Martini…in fact, reflected light shows up in many of the photos:

Alex got me at The Hollywood Bowl, and here is my self portrait, shot through the incredible Morlet “Ma Douce” Chardonnay:

Here are a couple of other shots that I like – images captured through alcohol, starting with the beauty of Venice Italy as seen through a glass of Italian Red:

And as you can see, someone decided to capture us both!

As 2019 unfolds, I am looking at new ways to capture “life through liquid” – and I plan to share more of them – plus, I’m going to look for new ways to capture other moments in this unique way – let me know what you think!

2019 Annual Bloggers Bash Nominee

Time To Pander…

If you liked this story, please consider voting for me in the “best entertainment blog” category at the 5th Annual Bloggers Bash – here is the link to the ballot – open until April 24th!

Thanks so much for your support – I hope you enjoyed by strange fascination with photography and alcohol – let me tell you, it’s an easy obsession to enjoy, and Alex puts up with it too!

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34 replies

  1. This is great photo essay. Nice work!

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  2. I like this idea a lot, it’s very artistic! I think you should keep it up, and maybe even create a calendar, or book with only those photos.

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  3. Hi John – unique and fun as we’ve come to expect from your adventures.
    Warmest regards,

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  4. What a fun idea. I love it, am looking forward to more of life through liquid.

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  5. A great fun idea some excellent images…:) x

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  6. OMG, I LOVE your pictures through the glasses!! What a brilliant idea!!

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  7. How interesting and original as far as I know… love it

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  8. A fun way to take a picture! I love the looks of a dirty Martini. The one of the pair of you was done well. Nice legs on the wine glass. 🙂

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  9. To make it even more interesting you could pair your drink with the view, like a Manhattan in Manhattan. A Moscow Mule in Moscow or a Long Island Iced Tea—you get the idea. It may take awhile, but what a fun bucket list!
    My favorite photo is the Italian red wine looking at Venice. I love the motion of the wine captured by the camera.

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  10. Cool photos with the glass.

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  11. John’s life, as viewed through copious alcoholic beverages. I LOVE IT! x

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  12. Just a brilliant idea, John. But as I only usually drink red wine, my own efforts might become rather boring. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  13. These are great, John! And, they made me laugh – love Alex’s reactions. Last, congratulations on your nomination!

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  14. Cool pictures!

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