My Favorite Movies With A Big “F”! “Fatal” Bunnies! “Faster” Pussycats! “Fuzz” Too!

Settle in at the cinema! It’s time to have some fun with movies that begin with the letter “F”, all part of my “A-Z” of film!

Remember, while these are ten GREAT movies with an “F”, they are not in any order – all ten are amazing, mix and match and watch them all!

Let’s get started with the greatest “empowered female” exploitation film of all time!

10 – “Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!”

It has one of the most iconic movie titles in history – and it celebrates female empowerment!

Director Russ Meyer LOVED WOMEN – in fact, most of his movies involved women who loved to kick ass!

“Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!” not only has the greatest movie title ever, but it parades a bevy of buxom women across the screen – living hard and loving hard as well – that’s what Meyer was known For!

Check out this campy trailer:

Meyer’s films are low budget classics, and this is without a doubt his most memorable. See more about the cast of “Pussycat” here!

Speaking of empowered women, what about Frances McDormand as the smart Cop who solves a murder?

9 – “Fargo”

Frances McDormand won the Academy Award for Best Actress in 1996 for her work in this brilliant thriller – check out the trailer:

William H. Macy was also outstanding as the used car salesman who unwittingly sets off a murder spree – you can click here to see more about the film:

From one classic movie to another – and I’m serious, this next movie was nominated for a Best Picture Oscar in 1987!

8 – “Fatal Attraction”

Yes, it’s a pulp classic, but it’s also a great film! Check out the iconic trailer:

Glenn Close was also Oscar-nominated for her performance, a brilliant portrayal of a woman who “won’t be ignored!”

Here is some great trivia for you:

Did you know that the boiling bunny was real? That’s just one fascinating bit of trivia about this great film, and you can see a lot more here:

Glenn Close gave an amazing performance, and next up is another terrific one as well – by Michelle Pfeiffer:

7 – “The Fabulous Baker Boys”

This 1989 musical drama tells the story of two brothers – The Fabulous Baker Boys – who perform together in Seattle bars, wedding receptions, or wherever they can book a gig for “piano duos.”

They decide to hire a singer – and their world changes forever – check out the trailer:

Michelle Pfeiffer is terrific as the “singer with spunk” who quickly shakes things up between the brothers – who are played by real life brothers, Jeff and Beau Bridges….

This is a great film – terrific performances, a sharp script that is funny honest and heartbreaking at times.

Next up is a gritty crime drama from 1973 starring one of Hollywood’s legendary bad boys:

6 – “The Friends Of Eddie Coyle”

Robert Mitchum gives one of his great, late career performances as Eddie Coyle, a “worker bee” in the world of Boston mob life, who is facing prison time and quickly running out of options…check out the classic movie trailer:

Criterion has a great new blu-ray with a pristine copy of the film – a great action drama – and if you want a full night of “mobster middle men”, this makes a great double bill with Al Pacino in “Donnie Brasco” – see more about that here:

There are many great action movies, and Director John Woo made a couple of the best, like this one:

5 – “Face/Off”

This 1997 action thriller is a classic!

John Travolta plays an FBI Special Agent trying to find a biological weapon placed in Los Angeles by a sadistic terrorist-for-hire and criminal mastermind, played by Nicolas Cage.

Oh yeah, and then they trade faces!

Check out the trailer:

You know when they say it’s “so crazy you can’t make it up?” Well, this movie is that! And as terrific as John Travolta is in the film, he’s no match for the “subtle” acting of Nicolas Cage, who chews up the scenery in the most wildly entertaining way!

I love Nicolas Cage as an Actor because he will put it all out there – and I really do wish that Tim Burton’s Superman film starring Cage had become a reality:

There is a terrific documentary that tells that story – see the trailer here:

In 2002, Director Todd Haynes told the story of a frustrated housewife in the 50’s – who befriends a black man as her own husband discovers Conneticut’s gay underground:

4 – “Far From Heaven”

Julianne Moore, Dennis Quaid and Dennis Haysbert star – check out the trailer:

Director Haynes evokes the tone and style of a classic Douglas Sirk 50’s melodrama, as he tackles the issues of sexuality and racial tension in a bucolic northeast town:

Julianne Moore is, as always, dynamite in the film – a great drama in the classic 50’s style…now, if you want to celebrate movies “of their time”, then how about this!

3 – “Fuzz”

Yes, the early 70’s were full of action comedies like this one starring Burt Reynolds and Raquel Welch as Boston cops out to stop a mad bomber!

Check out the trailer to see Burt Reynolds in a Nun’s habit!

“Fuzz” is good, old-fashioned 70’s movie fun, with offbeat humor that winks to the audience – along with fun action scenes.

Allegedly, Raquel Welch hated Burt Reynolds at the time and refused to do scenes with him! Here is more about the movie and about Raquel, who has an incredible body of work!

Any list of “F” films has to include the 1971 Best Picture, which has one of the greatest action sequences ever captured on film!

2 – “The French Connection”

Gene Hackman also won an Oscar as Best Actor for his portrayal of the NY Cop Popeye Doyle, who tries to break up a french drug ring!

The action centerpiece involves a car chasing a subway train – and Director William Friedkin operated the camera from inside Hackman’s car because it was too dangerous to ask the Director Of Photography to do it!

Click here for more trivia about this movie, and for my list of Gene Hackman’s ten greatest performances:

Finally, I wrap my list with an obscure 70’s horror film from France!

1 – “Fascination”

Cult Director Jean Rollin has made many moody, eerie horror films, but his one from 1979 is my favorite – check out the trailer:

How can you not love a film with this imagery? While Rollins made many classic horror films, this is his best – you can see more of them here:

I love discovering obscure movies and the Artists who create them, and share them on list like this….like this one from my “A” list:

Greg Kinnear’s portrayal of Actor Bb Crane is fascinating – see more about it – and all of my “A” list films here:

If you want to see some classic “B” movies, try this one:

“Body Heat” is a great film noir, smoldering and sensual, with a script that darts and weaves as the net around William Hurt closes. Here are more of my favorite “B” movies as well:

I also posted on ten great “C” movies, like this cult classic:

“Chuck & Buck” was joined by a wide range of great movies that began with the letter “C” – see them here:

I also posted a list of ten films that began with the letter “D”, like this one:

A great slice of 90’s pulp! That’s just one of the amazing movies with the letter “D” – see them here:

My most recent post was for “E” movies, and how can you go wrong with this one?

The “subtle” charms of “The Exorcist” are just one of the “E” gems, see them here:

Let me know how many of my “F” films you’ve seen!

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17 replies

  1. Fascination looks pretty ace.

  2. Interesting list. I especially agree with “Fargo” and “The French Connection”, some amazing films they are. And isn’t “Face Off” a real classic? It is probably one of the most entertaining films I have ever watched. I can re-watch it over and over again. It is just so much fun, and the acting is real good.

  3. Nice call with ‘Far From Heaven’. I share quite a few likes with this letter with you. I’d add ‘The Fly’, ‘A Fish Called Wanda’, and really loved ‘The Fugative’.

  4. Some great picks, John. Anything from Russ Meyer works for a boob man like me. You know how much I love that Mitchum film too. Maybe not the Burt Reynolds ‘comedy’, I never liked him that much. So, I of course have to include some of my choices, and I will reprise my own challenge, by offering ‘Full Metal Jacket’, the Kubrick take on Vietnam, mostly filmed in East London.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  5. Cool concept for a blog series, man! I dig your “mix and match” mindset toward genres and time periods.

    I haven’t seen “Fuzz” but it looks like one worth checking out.

    • Thanks for the note! “Fuzz” is a great example of a 70’s comedy/action/drama/thriller/blackcomedy – Reynolds and Welch were very popular at the time – and hated each other! Thanks for reading!


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