Incredible Cinema With A Capital “E!” My “Movies A-Z” Countdown Continues!

Get Ready For Some “E”eccentric Cinema!

My alphabetical countdown of my favorite movies – the 26-part “Movies A-Z” – continues with the letter “E” – another letter full of incredible cinema – as always, I have tried to find some mainstream choices as well as cult cinema and eclectic movies that may not be on your radar!

Remember, this is not a countdown, I am just listing ten great films in no particular order, so let’s get started – with a black comedy that shows how corrupt elections can be – and what certain candidates will do to win – whatever the cost – sound familiar?

10 – “Election”

Reese Witherspoon starred with Matthew Broderick in this 1999 black comedy about a high school election that spirals wildly out of control, and how the campaign changed both of their lives forever.

Check out the trailer:

This is a great movie from Director Alexander Payne, who also made the terrific “About Schmidt” and “Sideways”. “Election” is a really funny, acerbic and timely film!

Now, I want to share one of cinema’s most original journeys ever!

9 – “Enter The Void”

Argentinan Director Gasper Noe takes you on a mesmerizing journey through Tokyo – take a look at the trailer:

This is a challenging and hypnotic film – from a Director who has made such controversial films as “Irreversible” and “Love”. They are provocative films that will immerse you in darkly troubled worlds, and in this case, with a visual style that is mesmerizing:

“Enter The Void: is one of the most unique movies you will ever see – it’s one of three very challenging films that I focused on recently – take a look here at all of them:

I love movies, and so does Tim Burton – in fact, he loves the story of Hollywood, especially those who struggle to make it in the business – case in point: Director Ed Wood, widely considered to be the worst Director of all time!

8 – “Ed Wood”

Was he Hollywood’s worst Director? Who cares, he made his movies like “Plan Nine From Outer Space” – and for that we should applaud him – as Burton did with this terrific bio-pic starring Johnny Depp in a terrific performance – check out the trailer:

I love this movie. Johnny Depp gives Wood a warmth and empathy – and he wears a pink Angora sweater very well! Bill Murray is terrific in a supporting role as well…

Martin Landau’s amazing portrayal of Bela Lugosi won his the Academy Award as Best Supporting Actor….RIP to Landau – you can see more about this great Actor here:

Speaking of amazing performances, how about these two Hollywood legends battling it out atop a moving train?

7 – “Emperor Of The North Pole”

This 1973 film is a gritty action drama that took place during the depression – and the title was so confusing to people – expecting a film about Santa Claus – that they shorted the title after the film was already released!

“Emperor” was directed by Robert Aldrich, who also made “The Dirty Dozen” and “Whatever Happened To Baby Jane.” It the story of a hobo, Lee Marvin, who attempts to ride the “north Pole” train, while sadistic guard Ernest Borgnine stalks him! Here is the trailer:

These two legendary Actors take each other on in a brutal series of fights on the moving train – while there are moments of quiet reflection, this really is a classic action thriller – one of many that Lee Marvin starred in during his career – here are more:

Marvin was a Hollywood legend, and so is Julia Roberts – perhaps for different reasons, but she won her Oscar for a dynamite portrayal of a woman who put her life on the line to discover the truth!

6 – “Erin Brockovich”

In 2000, Roberts mesmerized us as Brockovich, a woman who stumbles onto a legal case that made her famous. Here is the trailer:

ERIN BROCKOVICH, director Steven Soderbergh, Julia Roberts, on-set, 2000, © Universal

Director Steven Soderbergh made a dynamite film that year – called “Traffic!” That’s right, he was nominated twice in 2000 for directing that film as well – and that is the one he won the Oscar for, while Roberts took home the acting award for “Brockovich”!

Now, one of horror’s more iconic images:

5 – “The Evil Dead”

Director Sam Raimi gathered a bun of friends, went into the woods, and created on of cinema’s most iconic horror films! Check out the original trailer:

Bruce Campbell became a star thanks to this 1981 film, which had two sequels that are equally as beloved, especially because “Evil Dead 2” is as much a comedy as a horror film!

See more about this and other classic independent horror films here:

Next up is a great David Cronenberg film starring Viggo Mortensen and Naomi Watts:

4 – “Eastern Promises”

Cronenberg made two great films with Mortensen – “A History Of Violence” and then in 2007, this great crime drama.

A Russian teenager living in London who dies during childbirth leaves clues to a midwife in her journal that could tie her child to a rape involving a violent Russian mob family.

here is the trailer:

Naomi Watts is great in the film, but it’s Mortensen’s fully nude knife fight in a steam bath that is the centerpiece of the movie – wow!

Next up is the scariest horror film of all time – with iconic moments like this:

Yes, the pea soup flies in the shocking film known as:

3 – “The Exorcist”

What can you say? It’s one of the greatest films of all time – directed by William Friedkin, starring Ellen Burstyn and Linda Blair as the 12-year old girls possessed by Satan – or is she?

Here is a look at the filming of the movie – with lots of great trivia:

Everyone knows I love kung fu movies, and here is the greatest one ever made:

2 – “Enter The Dragon”

Bruce Lee became an international superstar because of this film, which showcased his amazing physical ability – none of his scenes were sped up – this was Lee in real time! Check out the trailer:

Bruce Lee died soon after this film became a success – what a loss – he was one of cinema’s most dynamic characters – if you don’t believe me, check out this clip of him playing competitive ping pong – using nunchucks!

Wow, what an incredible athlete.

Finally, the last “E” movie on my list is also from the early 70’s – a counterculture classic:

1 – “Electra Glide In Blue”

Robert Blake starred as a Highway Patrolman who uncovers a murder conspiracy – check out the trailer – and pay attention to the musical score over the beginning:

Robert Blake is terrific in the film, but the music is also unique – it was produced by the film’s Director James William Guercio, who was the Manager of the band Chicago, who performs it!

Band members also have small roles in the film as outlaw bikers – there is so much more to share about this classic film – see it here:

Of course I left many great “E” films off the list, so feel free to remind me!

If you’ve missed any of my other letters, here’s a short recap:

An amazingly iconic movie poster sets the stage for a list of classic “A” movies, see them here:

If you want to see some classic “B” movies, try this one:

“Broadcast News” is a great movie. Here are more of my favorite “B” movies as well:

I also posted on ten great “C” movies, like this cult classic:

“Chuck & Buck” was joined by a wide range of great movies that began with the letter “C” – see them here:

I also posted a list of ten films that began with the letter “D”, like this one:

Yes, “The Sushi Bites Back!” That’s just one of the amazing movies with the letter “D” – see them here:

Let me know what I left off the “E” list and don’t forget that “Enter The Dragon” has an amazing new blu-ray!

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  1. I loved Erin Brokovich, It has been years since I watched it. I might have to get that re-watched ASAP

    Election and the exorcist are the only other ones I have seen, I didn’t enjoy one… bet you can’t guess which one!


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  2. Reblogged this on johnrieber and commented:

    Here are some movies with the letter “E” – from Bruce Lee’s “Enter The Dragon” to “Election”, The Exorcist” and a rare 70’s action gem with Lee Marvin too!


  3. Always glad to see my fav horror film, Evil Dead, make a public appearance.

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  4. Nice choices John. I absolutely loved Erin Brochovich, Ed Wood, Election, The Evil Dead and of course, The Exorcist!💁🏻

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  5. Some fantastic “E” titles, alright.

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  6. Some great picks, John. You know I am a fan of Electra Glide In Blue, and Eastern Promises. The Exorcist was something else back then, and Ed Wood is an underrated gem. I will pitch in with a great sci-fi, Event Horizon, and one of my top films of all time, the Swedish historical drama Everlasting Moments.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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