Todd Rundgren – A Brilliant “Hermit”! “Mink Hollow’s” Power Pop Masterpiece! “Rock The Vote” For Todd!

“It’s Everything You Wanted From Todd…And More!”

As we all “rock the vote” for Todd’s R’n’R Hall of Fame, let’s head back to the good old days, when Warner Brothers records actually PROMOTED a Todd album – and they had good reason to: because it’s another Todd masterpiece!

Hermit of Mink Hollow

Behold a brilliant slab of pop majesty!

As Todd web fans know, I have posted a number of stories about fascinating aspects of Todd’s career, and I Love ALL of Todd’s music: from Nazz to “Wizard”, “S/A” and “Healing” plus everything in between, all way way through “Nearly Human”, TR-I and Todd’s latest “White Knight” as well. His musical experimentation and boundary-breaking as always been done in pure Todd style, which is also why I think all of us love to talk about it so much!

Let’s “Rock The Vote” For Todd!

As fans know, Todd was nominated for the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame.

The Hall of Fame plans to announced the inductees in December with an induction ceremony on March 29, 2019.

You can click here and vote once a day until Dec. 9th!

Let’s all step up and vote Todd in! Why? Well, here’s another reason: the brilliant “Hermit Of Mink Hollow!”


Whatever musical path Todd chooses to follow, I am right there with him – as are all true Todd fans…and since I recently got hooked – AGAIN – on his classic power pop song “Determination”, it got me looking at the entire “Mink Hollow” album…first, here’s the brilliance of “Determination”…

Thanks as always to “rogsteel” for sharing this live performance from Cleveland in 2011…


Some Todd Trivia About “Hermit Of Mink Hollow!”

“Determination” is just one of then classic Todd songs from his masterpiece – even though, at the time, he was just looking to make some fun music…

“I wasn’t trying to create incredibly new styles,” Rundgren said of the LP in the CD reissue liner notes. “I was trying to come up with simple, accessible but emotionally rich songs and bring it to a logical conclusion.”

Todd Rundgren music

Well, “emotionally rich songs” is an understatement! “Hermit Of Mink Hollow” is literally a “greatest hits” collection of Todd’s finest songwriting skills…and I wanted to go through the album to look at just how great these songs are…FYI, I got a lot of this material from a great article you can read HERE:

Todd Gets Advertised!

We all know how difficult it was for Todd to get support from his record label – but they got behind “Hermit”, including this great radio spot advertising the album, with the line “It’s everything you wanted from Todd…and more!”

Todd Rundgren album ad

Released in early-April 1978, ‘Hermit’ was heralded as a “return to form” for Todd, who stripped things down to the core on ‘Hermit’ and let the songs shine!


Here is the track list for “Hermit Of Mink Hollow”:

Side one – The Easy Side
“All the Children Sing” – 3:08
“Can We Still Be Friends” – 3:34
“Hurting for You” – 3:20
“Too Far Gone” – 2:38
“Onomatopoeia” – 1:34
“Determination” – 3:11

Side two – The Difficult Side
“Bread” – 2:48
“Bag Lady” – 3:13
“You Cried Wolf” – 2:20
“Lucky Guy” – 2:04
“Out of Control” – 3:56
“Fade Away” – 3:04

“Easy Side?”

According to the article referenced above, the original LP was divided into ‘The Easy Side’ and ‘The Difficult Side’ after a Warner Brothers executive thought Rundgren’s original running order lacked balance! Todd complied with his own twist on things – pure Todd!

Todd Rundgren

“I don’t know what they were talking about” he told Trouser Press magazine upon the LP’s release, “I did it figuring it was their wank and they can think what they want.”

So, after giving the label an “easy” way out, the album kicks off with a gorgeous slice of pop, “All The Children Sing.”

mojorisen74 posted a very rare video for this slice of pop brilliance on youtube:

Joyous is the first word that comes to mind here, a song that literally glistens with energy – and a pure Todd sound…

“Can We Still Be Friends”

That joy is quickly followed by the turmoil of ‘Can We Still Be Friends,’ Todd’s biggest hit from the album. According to many biographies, the song came from his recently ended tumultuous relationship with girlfriend Bebe Buell.

Todd Rundgren Bebe Buell

It is one of Todd’s great songs, but “Hurting For You” and “Too Far Gone”, which follow, are also beautiful songs that continue the examination of a breakup…

“Hurting for you
Sad, but I can’t deny it, there was nothing else I could do
I was one of the many struck by it”

Todd Rundgren love songs

“I’m too far gone, and it’s no use pretending
I could ever forget what I done
I’m already too far gone,
I got no bridges left to burn…”


Todd was Todd as always, as the next song, the whimsical ‘Onomatopoeia’ certainly lightens the mood and showcases his sense of musical humor.

“It’s the freaking Marx Brothers!” Rundgren said…

Side one ends with one of my all-time favorite Todd songs:

Todd Rundgren


As I said before, to me this is a perfect slice of 70’s power pop – thanks again to “rogsteel”, who posted this great live version on youtube:

‘Determination’ still ranks as one of his finest pure pop moments, right up there with ‘Couldn’t I Just Tell You’ and ‘Open My Eyes’ by Nazz…what a great “easy side” to this album!

Hermit of Mink Hollow

“The Difficult Side!”

Side two opens with Todd’s impassioned rocker about the issue of hunger in our country…a tough-as-nails song with a “Black Maria” vibe…

“I hear the cries of children at night
I watch their faces grow sallow with hunger
Who draws the line between what’s wrong and right
And when I ask what my life is for
It’s all been for nothing

Save your regrets for the dead, but for the living
Give them love and give them bread”

Next up is one of Todd’s most haunting ballads…Lion Keezer posted this live version of the beautiful poem “Bag Lady” on youtube…

Todd plays all the instruments on the album and does all the vocal harmonies as well. As the article states:

“Todd makes it sound effortless as it all blends together seamlessly and stands as one of the most perfect self-assembled recordings ever made.”

Hermit Of MInk Hollow ad

“Mink Hollow” was, of course, the name of the road Rundgren lived on at the time, and where he recorded the album. Next up is “You Cried Wolf”, another crunchy rocker in the “Woldman Jack” vein – then his beautiful ballad “Lucky Guy”…

Todd Rundgren performing

The album’s hardest rocker is up next: “Out Of Control”…Todd lets it all hang out here in a “Heavy Metal Kids” way…and then the album ends with another one of my favorite Todd songs, “Fade Away…”

Here is a live version from Amsterdam in 2012 with the Metropole Orchestra, thanks to “unicapb21”:

I love the way “Fade Away” begins so softly on this life performance, while on the album it glistens just as “All The Children” did at the beginning of the album.

That’s the pop brilliance of “Hermit Of Mink Hollow”, just one of Todd’s endless series of great albums…putting this on and letting it play over and over is a great way to begin or end a day…


And of course, I posted before about Daryl Hall and Todd’s long musical friendship, culminating in Todd and Daryl performing “Hermit”‘s signature song on “Live From Daryl’s House”…here is the beauty of “Can We Still Be Friends”:

Todd Rundgren and Daryl Hall musical performance

Read all about this amazing musical friendship by clicking here:

I hope you enjoyed this look at Todd’s masterpiece. Let me know what you think!


And of course, check out my story on Todd’s STATE CD…new music from Todd!

Todd Rundgren State CD

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17 replies

  1. Thanks for sharing this lovely article! I’ve literally worn out my copy of Hermit of Mink Hollow (along with a few other Todd LPs and CDs!). It’s taken me places I didn’t know I wanted to go until I got there. Todd is a wizard, a true 🌟 and a bona fide poet (IMHO.) Keep sharing the Todd Love with your grateful readers!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve been wracking my brain, with repeated listenings and searching the ‘net, trying to find out if Todd played drums/percussion on “Hermit”, or if he used a drum machine, programmable drums, etc.? Do you or anyone else happen to know? It sounds like he began to employ a drum machine on “Healing” and “The Ever Popular Tortured Artist Effect”, but what about “Hermit”? For some unknown and odd reason I need to find out. Thanks! And special thanks to johnrieber for this amazing web page and website!


  3. If I had read this first, I would have left well enough alone!
    I’m dealing off the top of my head, and as we all know, older folks can wander in time a bit. This is 1 helluva site!


  4. You and your Todd Rundgren… lol
    Power pop, that’s a new one. Did i miss that in your other TR posts? I always learn something new from you.
    : )


    • Power pop is a 70′ term…Bay City Rollers, The Knack were good examples…but Todd was a master! Thanks as always for reading and commenting!


      • Hi John,
        I appreciate your exuberance for Todd. I’ve been obsessed with him since 1968, so with a blog like this you’re preaching to the choir! Re-examining a record like “HOMH” makes me yearn for this approach from Todd just one more time before he fades away. While I’ve become resigned to the fact that he’ll never record a set of tunes again that truly sounds like a band playing traditional instruments, I’d give about a month’s pay to hear him sit behind an honest-to-goodness drum kit again and let loose with a couple of his sloppy fills in a Todd-tacular pop classic! Oh well….I guess one should just be thankful for the countless hour’s of brilliance he’s given us already that will last for a million trillion years, when the stars all disappear. See you next time!


      • Great point – Todd lets his musical mind wander in so many creative directions, it would be nice to see another power pop masterpiece…thanks for the not!e



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