The Iconic Comic Con! G4’s Epic Live Shows Remembered! Amazing Cosplay Photos!


Welcome To Comic-Con!

In my time at G4, this was the week for Comic-Con Live! And for us, that meant ALL of our Talent heading into the madness of 150,000 fans for 3 days of live coverage of the greatest pop culture convention in the world!



Grab A Pen! It’s Time To Head To San Diego Again!

One of my favorite experiences at G4 was Comic-Con, the coolest comic book convention in the world…and G4’s talent also loved being there, even if it meant signing, signing, and signing autographs…


Sara Underwood Comic-Con

Olivia Munn autograph


Olivia Munn comic-con

It really was a non-stop “Signing fest”…but Olivia Munn never minded. In fact, as you will see, ALL of our Talent loved posing for pictures with the fans…Blair Butler couldn’t go ten feet without posing for another picture:

blair butler poses with fans

And Candace Bailey got thrown into the deep end of the Comic-Con pool when we made her film a ton of segments on the convention floor as well as sign…um, she doesn’t look too happy…


And Alison Haislip really got into it one year with a “Catwoman” outfit that had the G4 fans in a frenzy!

Alison Haislip as Catwoman

2013 Comic-Con Crowds

Welcome To Comic-Con!

You know what it is: it’s the world’s largest gathering of pop culture fans – it’s San Diego’s Comic-Con…every summer, San Diego is packed with hundreds of thousands of fans who wait patiently outside the convention center for hours on end, waiting to enter their nirvana…

Comic-Con Crowds

Costumes! Cosplay!

Once the fans get inside, it is organized mayhem…but everyone is in a good mood….well, ALMOST everyone…this guy in front looks a bit perturbed…

Alison Haislip cosplay

And THIS guy has just the “right amount of wrong” in his Joker makeup…

Comic Con Joker

Comic-Con Cosplay!

The best thing about Comic-Con is simple: it’s a chance to geek out and dress up in your favorite outfit – along with thousands of others who want to do the same…

comic-con 2013

And Kevin and Olivia had just as much fun dressing up, like when they shot a special “Star Wars” skit from the convention floor….


You can wander the convention floor for hours and – literally everywhere you turn – find someone else who is dressed up for the Comic-Con party…

ComicCon Cosplay

G4’s Slave Leia Contest!

Remember 2008, when Kevin and Olivia chose the perfect “Slave Leia” from the crowd? Check out this classic G4 video of the moment:

Olivia Munn Princess Leia metal bikini 1

Of course, no one could out “Slave Leia” Olivia…and she did a pretty good “Wonder Woman” as well…

comic con 260709

But it’s more than just cosplay…it’s also a place where you can even buy lots of cool stuff, like this!

R2-D2 Soy Sauce Dispenser!

star wars comic con

Yes, when I saw this R2-D2 soy sauce dispenser, I knew I had to own it…but it will NEVER leave its protective packaging….it’s a piece of art! But, beyond the cool comics, souvenirs and toys you can buy here, it is definitely the people who make this convention so unique…

Flame On!

And you will see EVERY kind of costume…like this homage to “Ghost Rider”…

Cosplay Comic-Con 2013

And it is a convention that DOES NOT JUDGE. COMIC-CON DOES NOT JUDGE! In fact, I found over the years that virtually ANYTHING can be used as a costume – like say, your lunch container…

outrageous Comic-Con cosplay outfits

A Celebration Of Geekdom!

Without a doubt, Comic-Con is a great place to dress up and enjoy yourself…there are no rules, no judgments, and a never-ending array of things to do and experience…of course, if you get stuck outside by yourself, it can be a lonely place….

Alison Haislip Comic-Con Cosplay

The View From The Stage…

If you wanted to know what it felt like to be there, well Kevin Pereira captured it in this video he posted from the G4 stage…

G4 comic-con stage

But that stage was our chance to capture the excitement and fun of Comic-Con, because while we were overlooking it, there were thousands of people wearing their best outfits every single day down in the floor…

alison haislip sexy comic con cosplay

Alison Haislip and Doug Benson!

And if you wander the floor, you will come across lots of famous people like Alison Haislip and Comedian Doug Benson!

Alison Haislip and Doug Benson

Alison Haislip and Blair Herter!

Alison also teamed up with Blair Herter to film at Comic-Con – they were a great team to work with, always up for fun and games – and true professionals…and after the long days of filming, there was always a group dinner, especially if it was for the legendary “blueberry steak”…

There was always a great group of Talent at the convention, including Blair Butler, who is sitting by Blair…and by the look on Alison’s face, she’s close to punching me for taking so many pictures…

I traveled to San Diego many times to take part in Comic-Con, one of the greatest conventions of all time…I mean, how can you go wrong when THIS guy shows up?

Japanese Elvis!

Comic-Con Elvis

I never got a chance to talk to Japanese Elvis, or even to hear him sing…it was hard enough keeping up with the very busy Alison, but that’s all right, because we always had someone to help Alison out with her schedule at Comic-Con – our own “Elvis”, Super Talent Executive Scott Moore!

sexy Alison Haislip

Alison’s Fan Signing!

Comic-Con is an exhausting event, with filming all day and night, but Alison never got tired…in fact, after a day of filming, she still did hours of fan signing! It all started when the line formed…we would put a sign up to let people know where to line up…

alison haislip comic con

And Alison would stand and sign for hours…the event expertly organized and run by Marketing Wiz Deborah Beckman…

Alison Haislip

In order to manage the mayhem, Deb would give out tickets for lining up – if you had a ticket you were guaranteed an autograph, so no one went away disappointed…and one lucky fan always got the coveted “first in line” sign…a badge of honor, and a special photo with Alison…

Alison Haislip Comic-Con

Alison and Sara Underwood!

On top of individual signings, we also had a group signing session, and hundreds and hundreds of fans would wait for hours for a chance to get something signed, and pose for a picture….

Alison haislip Sara Underwood comic-con

These conventions are exhausting for talent – they must arrives hours before the show begins – hair and makeup, plus wardrobe – it really is a long long day – but they never complained, were there for one reason: to celebrate Comic-Con with the fans…

Alison Haislip and Sara Underwood

And once again, the fans showed up to see their favorite stars!

Alison Haislip Comic-Con

Alison IS Catwoman!

I showed you how fans liked to dress up, and how fans loved to get an autograph from Alison. But nothing thrilled fans more than the year Alison dressed as Catwoman, roaming the convention floor with a camera crew, shiny black leather and all…

Alison Haislip as Catwoman

Alison shot a bunch of stories from the floor of the convention while dressed as Catwoman, and she posed for lots of pictures with fans:

Catwoman Alison Haislip

It was always a great adventure with lots of fans and stars hanging out to embrace pop culture without limits:

Lou Ferrigno, Charisma Carpenter, Erik Estrada, John Michalec, Kevin Pereira

Comic-Con Star Wars

So, for all of those who are going, have a great time and say hello to Chewbacca for us! And for all of my fellow G4’ers, remember this convention as one of the highlights of our time at the network – because it was terrific live coverage!



And don’t forget G4’s Morgan Webb and her Seoul South Korea adventure:

Morgon Webb DMZ

We had an amazing adventure on South Korea’s “Bridge Of No Return” – check it out here:

Comic-Con Star Wars

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