Elijah Wood And Sasha Grey’s Great New Thriller! “Open Windows” Now On Blu!

Time For A Sasha Grey Thriller!


Sasha Grey has a new film out on blu-ray – and Sasha is starring with Elijah Wood! The premiere was held in Spain, where the cast and crew were ready to share this psychological thriller with the world!

Sasha Grey Spain premiere

“Open Windows” On Blu!

Sasha has been focused on making terrific independent cinema – and in this case, she is working with Elijah Wood on a thriller that is perfect for blu-ray!

Open Windows premiere

Open Windows spanish premiere

Sasha Grey movie premiere

Kudos to the entire cast and crew for this great independent thriller – now on blu-ray! Here’s a look at the film!

Here is the trailer:


Here’s the plot: Sasha Grey stars as an actress named Jill, who refuses to have dinner with Nick, a fan who won a date with her in an Internet contest. Elijah Wood is the spurned fan…

new Sasha Grey movie

A guy named Chord, posing as Jill’s campaign manager, helps Nick spy on the actress from his own computer. Nick starts a game in which he realises that is only a puppet into the manic plans devised by Chord…


Elijah Wood has been on a creative tear recently, using his production company to make edgier work, like his remake of “Maniac.”

Maniac Elijah Wood

He also produced a very low-budget horror film called “Toad Road”, which was released by a new company called “Artsploitation Films.”

Toad Road movie

Kudos, Sasha!

This is the latest in a string of great Sasha movies, such as Steven Soderbergh’s “The Girlfriend Experience.”

The Girlfriend Experience

And of course, as much as it may annoy Sasha, here are some of the great adventures I had with her in Australia!

erotic writer sasha grey

Sasha’s Travel Adventures!

If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you know that I had the chance to travel to Australia with Sasha, exploring one of the greatest countries in the world!

Sasha Grey On Sexpo Stage

Here she is filming with our crew at Sydney’s convention center…and she also got the chance to take on some much more dangerous sports as well!

Sasha Gets A Shark Photo Bomb!

sasha grey swimming with sharks

Those were indeed REAL LIVE SHARKS photo bombing Sasha as she walked among them at Sydney’s Aquarium…and no, there are NO barricades or glass between her and the sharks!

Here’s a short video all about it her adventure – first up, getting instruction from her Shark Master – and asking if she can “walk like a duck underwater!

Sasha Grey Sharks

Then it was time to walk into the tanks and hang out with the sharks…we were all, of course, safely kept behind thick glass!

Sasha Grey Sharks

Sasha Gets “Brushed Back!”

Then it was time to “interact” with the sharks…remember, there is nothing between her and those sharks! Here’s a video in which she discusses the “tail flipping” incident!

You can see all of the pictures – and more video – by clicking on the link below:


Sasha Goes Bats!

Sasha Grey in Australia

Sasha also got to see Australian bats – which just hang out in their parks and look like this:

Sasha Grey Sydney Bats

That story with pictures and video can be found here:


Sasha Grey Naked Surfing

Surf’s Up With Sasha!

OK, this was Sasha trying out a game where you try and stay on a mechanical surfboard…she did pretty well at it! But we decided to really test her, and took her to the iconic Bondi Beach, where she learned to surf for real!

sasha grey the juliette society

The entire story, plus lots of fun videos, are located here:


Sasha Grey in Eureka Tower

Sasha’s On Top Of The World!

Finally, we had the chance to travel to Melbourne, and while we were there we headed up the tallest building in the southern hemisphere: Eureka Tower…

sasha grey travels eureka tower melbourne

And yes, Melbourne is as beautiful as it looks – we had a great time, and if you want to see the entire video of Sasha peering out from 88 stories high, and how the cube she is in magically transforms, just click BELOW:


sasha grey juliette society

Sasha Outtake!

Finally, I found this hilarious short video of Sasha in a car putting on some makeup – and yes, she realizes she is being filmed:

sasha grey john rieber

As you can see, Sasha is great fun to work with, so if you are a fan, go order “The Juliette Society” now!

Congrats to Sasha for the publication of her novel!

sasha greySasha Grey book and video

More To Come From “The Juliette Society”!

Congratulations to Sasha Grey on the best-selling status of her debut novel, “The Juliette Society”! And just announced: a sequel is on the way!


Sasha Grey’s novel, “The Juliette Society” is a worldwide sensation – the book is a bestseller in a number of countries around the world – and the excitement continues as Sasha is writing a sequel!

Sasha Grey The Juliette Society

Sasha has been promoting the book around the world, including personal appearances and book signings – when I traveled to Australia with her, she had tons of fans meet her at a personal appearance in Melbourne:

Sasha Grey erotic novel

Sasha Down Under!

I am a big supporter of Sasha’s work, because I admire how focused and driven she is. I had the chance to film lifestyle segments in Australia with Sasha…and she was terrific to work with…

sasha grey and john rieber australia


Melbourne Australia is a gorgeous city, and it is also home to the tallest building in the southern hemisphere:

eureka tower melbourne

After going up 88 stories in Eureka Tower, Sasha went into a small room and – well, you can watch what happened for yourself:

Sasha Grey in Eureka Tower

The people in Melbourne were terrific, and a huge number of fans came out to meet Sasha when she made a public appearance:

sasha grey

After Melbourne, we headed to Sydney, a much more raucous city, where Sasha let us put her to the test with a variety of extreme sports – and she did them all, including swimming with sharks…

Sasha Grey shark diving

Shark Photo Bomb!

Sasha donned scuba gear for the first time ever and went underwater to walk among sharks in Sydney…absolutely NOTHING between her and the sharks…and two of the more playful sharks decided to photo bomb her!


Here’s a short video of her adventure, including her describing how one of the sharks took a swing at her!

First, here is her instruction before entering the tank:

Sasha Grey Sharks

Once inside, Sasha was literally among the sharks, with NO barrier between her and them…and she describes what happened next:

Sasha Grey sharks

And of course, our Australia adventure was just beginning…it was time for another “first time” sporting adventure…

Sasha Grey vacation

Surf’s Up With Sasha!

Even though she had never done it before, Sasha willingly donned a wetsuit and learned to surf at Australia’s legendary Bondi Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world:

Sasha Grey Surfing lessions BTS

That led to my favorite video with her EVER – when she discovered – quite unexpectedly – just how cold the water was at Bondi!

sasha grey surfing

Sasha was an amazingly fast learner: within a half hour she was surfing! I also love this video, which captures the moment Sasha discovers that they spit their gum out on the ground in Australia just like the rest of us:

sasha grey john rieber

It was a great trip down under, capturing the lifestyle of the Aussies, and even cooking bugs! Yes, that is what they are called, although they are really just “giant-shrimp-with-squashed-lobster-heads” things:

Sasha Grey Australia Adventure

Still, she cooked them, along with a kangaroo steak – they are raised commercially just for that purpose – and we had a nice taste of Australia:

Sasha Grey John Rieber cooking

I posted a number of short videos that captured some of the “behind-the-scenes” moments from the trip – you can find them here:


I have thought about these fun shoots as I read all about Sasha’s success with “The Juliette Society” – so if you haven’t purchased the book yet, now is the time!

Sasha Grey in Melbourne

And, if you are a Sasha Grey completist, here are ALL of the stories I have posted of our Australian adventure…beginning with Sasha’ 88-story Melbourne adventure:


Then, it was off to Sydney:

Sasha Grey Stingray

That’s where Sasha donned a wetsuit and went for a walk among sharks – here is the complete shark dive adventure:


I have to reiterate that there was nothing between Sasha and the sharks and stingray except her instructor:

Sasha Grey sharks

And of course, I was given more pictures by someone on the crew, so I did a shark followup here:


Then it was time to head to Australia’s famed Bondi Beach:

Sasha Grey Surf

Here is the entire surfing adventure, with a number of fun videos of Sasha on a surfboard:


My first post was all about Sasha’s fan signing in Melbourne…

sasha grey poses

This is the story of how we got lost inside Melbourne’s massive casino:


Sasha Grey bats in Australia

Then, when I previewed the book, I also shared some video of Sasha discovering bats in Sydney:


Luckily, we shots lots of behind-the-scenes pics and video, which is why I am able to share them with fans:

sasha grey australia

And my most recent story focused on the release of the novel, plus some additional outtakes I found!


OK, so that’s it – your entire library of Sasha Grey’s Australia adventures! If you made it this far, I remind you to make sure and purchase “The Juliette Society” for yourself and friends!

Sasha Grey book and video

And don’t forget to buy Sasha’s latest film!

new Sasha Grey movie

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  1. you are such a goddamn lucky man, aint ya..? I believe most of people in the world particularly ‘man’ or ‘boys’ used to know her as a beautiful pornstar. 😀 anyway since I live in Jakarta and I’m originally from indonesia
    well it was really amazing when she touched down in Jakarta and Bali for giving a DJ performance on March 2013. it was like the first time in my whole life watching Sasha Grey directly in stage Dj-ing some tracks. lol lol 😀

    Speaking of her movies. well I’ve seen her movies “Open Windows” it was quite good but not very entertaining for me because I think it’s a low-budget Hitchcockian thriller for the digital age now-ish. I bet you know the reason I watched “Open Windows” movie, right…? lol 😛

    because dudeeee…!! it’s SASHA GREY lol


  2. Sasha Grey is the best young actress out there I follow all three Facebook pages shes cool as F#&^k…!



  1. Sasha Grey “Greyscale!” A Beautiful Poetic Commentary On Art! – johnrieber

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