“Wild On” Jenna Jameson! My Worldwide Jenna Adventure Starring Bruce Willis And Sylvester Stallone!

Everyone has unique life stories to share…one of mine happened to be with Jenna Jameson…

Jenna Jameson John Rieber Singapore

Jenna Jameson In The News!

Arguably the world’s most famous adult film star has been in the media lately – and the stories have not always been flattering…


I wanted to go back to a simpler time, before the headlines…one of my most unique trips ever happened to be the time when I got to work with Jenna on an E! shoot – and we hung out with some of the biggest stars in the world at the time….

Jenna Jameson Sylvester Stallone

Jenna was fun, upbeat, genuine, professional and just a terrific person to work with…so here is how I ended up in Singapore and Bangkok with Jenna, Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Willis…

My Jenna Jameson “Wild On” Adventure!

Jenna Jameson John Rieber Singapore

This is a picture of me with Jenna Jameson from 1998. We were in Singapore. Why you ask? Well, what began as a series of appearances on E!’s “Wild ON…” series turned into an opportunity for Jenna to host the show…

Porn star Jenna Jameson

First, a bit about Jenna:

porn star jenna_jameson

Jenna Jameson (born Jenna Marie Massoli; April 9, 1974), is the world’s most famous adult-entertainers. My wife Alex and I met her while we were filming one year at the Cannes Film Festival. In addition to E!’s annual Cannes coverage, we also produced “Wild On The Riviera”, which was the “un-official” film festival. At the time, Jenna was the new star for Wicked Pictures…


The Wicked Pictures folks were really good to work with, and Jenna filmed a few stories about attending Cannes for E!’s “Sex On The Riviera” special. Over the next few years, Jenna hosted a number of segments for this show, and was always great to work with –

Jenna Jameson Cannes film festival

Jenna was a lot of fun to work with, engaging on camera, personable and funny…over the next few years, we continued to film with her for the “Wild On…” travel series that I created for E! At the same time, I had been to a number of Planet Hollywood openings, including New York, London, Las Vegas and Mall of America…these specials also aired on E!, and after a few years, we wanted to find a way to make them different….

Jenna Jameson Cannes

So, when we decided to cover the opening of two new Planet Hollywood restaurants in Singapore and Bangkok, I thought: why not have Jenna be our Host?

Jenna Jameson Planet Hollywood

So that’s how I found myself sitting next to Jenna in Bangkok – as our entire production team met for a dinner to celebrate the beginning of our Thailand adventure!

Jenna Jameson return to porn

Fast Forward To Bangkok And Singapore!

So here we are at dinner, a great group of E! staff in Bangkok, filming the opening of Planet Hollywood restaurants in both cities…as you will soon see, there were some BIG BIG stars in attendance…

Cue The Lifestyle Segments!

Bangkok Jenna Jameson

When I ran “Wild On…”, each episode had segments on local culture, so of course, the first thing we did was put Jenna in a boat and take her down Bangkok’s Chao Phraya River!

Jenna Jameson Bangkok

First we had to negotiate the cost of a boat to take us out for filming – our Director of Photography was the legendary Carl Allman – and it was up to him to determine ho wmany boats we’d need for filming.

Jenna Jameson Bangkok E!

We determined who would sit where – how we would film the tour – and what we wanted Jenna to talk about during the trip…

Jenna Jameson Bangkok river boat

And I got to go on the boat as well…as you can tell, I never look all that busy in these pictures, do I?

John Rieber Bangkok

The water was fairly calm, but these boats were very shallow, so we rocked around a bit, especially when crossing the larger part of the river, where there were more industrial boats around us…

Jenna and JR on boat

After filming a number of short sequences, we re-grouped to discuss the next part of the tour – a trip some some of the smaller branches of the river – a more “residential” part of Bangkok…

Jenna Jameson XXX

Jenna on boat

As we explored the river, we found a number of houses perched right over the water – people literally lived “on” the water…

Bangkok river homes

We didn’t scout this location at all, we were just going downstream and looking for fun stuff to film – so we pulled up to one home – situated right on the river…

River homes Bangkok

Jenna jumped out and we grabbed a pic of her…

Jenna Jameson E!

Then we found a home along the river where a family lived…and lots of kids were playing…

Jenna Jameson Standup with kids

The young boys were jumping off their homes into the river, and Jenna interviewed them! Well, “interview” is a loose term as they didn’t speak a word of english, but we had a fun time nonetheless!

Jenna Jameson with kids

Back on dry land, we also explored many of Bangkok’s street markets – the city was very crowded, a bit chaotic, but friendly at the same time…

Bangkok street

Welcome To Bangkok’s Chinatown!

The Chinatown district was full of street markets and vendors – a crowded mix of people, stalls, cars, bikes and motorcycles – all crammed into a very small area…

Bangkok Chinatown

In fact, Chinatown was so crowded that, at one point, sirens went off and the streets were blocked off to cars – in order to let the pollution in the air clear up! You could actually see a blue haze developing in the alleys and streets – pure pollution…

Busy Bangkok street

Of course, we didn’t let that slow us down, we just kept filming – and I kept taking behind-the-scenes pictures – and kept having them taken of me as well…

John Rieber Jill Weiser

John Rieber Bangkok

We had a great day filming: Jenna bought a bunch of products from street vendors, always haggling for the best price…

Bangkok Chinatown Market

Jenna’s Shopping Spree!

Even with all of the great locations and fun shoots we did, here is what I remember most about Jenna in Bangkok: after we filmed on Patpong Street, an adult entertainment area full of bars, go go clubs and street vendors, Jenna went a bit “shopping crazy” with the Channel V Host – by the time she was done, Jenna ended up shipping home three new suitcases full of stuff!

Jenna Jameson John Rieber watching

Jenna Jameson oncamera host

Jenna Jameson with Bangkok team

Bangkok’s Fertility Shrine!

One of the funniest shoots involves a sequence with Jenna at Bangkok’s fertility shrine, but for some reason, I never got a picture of Jenna there! Instead, I got our terrific field Producer Jill Weiser…posing among the hundreds of fertility symbols: yes, penises…

Jill Weiser at fertility shrine

Yes, this was a very sacred place! Bangkok has many shrines all over the city, and couples would come to this one to pray for fertility…as evidenced by the phallic nature of the shrine itself. The best part was, when we filmed this, the shrine was located in a Hilton Hotel parking lot! Shrines are all over Bangkok, and businesses must build around them, as they are sacred and cannot be moved…

Carl Allman Bangkok

We had the legendary Director of Photography Carl Allman with us, so of course it all looked beautiful…and Carl is so much fun to film with as well!

Bruce Willis Entertains Jenna!

After dinner, we were off to the opening of Planet Hollywood Bangkok, and that meant interviews with the arriving celebrities, like Jackie Chan, Cindy Crawford, Sylvester Stallone, Wesley Snipes, and a performance by Bruce Willis and his band!

Jenna Jameson Bruce Willis performs

Here’s a picture of Bruce Willis performing at the restaurant – with Jenna and thousands of fans watching and cheering wildly:

Jenna Jameson Bruce Willis

Then Jenna got the chance to interview Bruce. I will always remember that, when he saw her, the first thing Bruce said was:

“You are my favorite E! Host!”

Jenna Jameson E! Host

And she was: Jenna was so much fun to work with: she was a total professional, eager to explore Bangkok with us, working all day and night…and it was a long day – filming the lifestyle segments in the daytime, then covering the big party at night…

Jenna Jameson interviewed by Miss Thailand

Jenna also got a lot of attention as well – her she is being interviewed by the former Miss Thailand, who was a Host for Channel V in Thailand…

Miss Thailand standup with Jenna Jameson

This Channel V Host hung out with us for hours, and we ended the night at her Dad’s blues bar in a fun Bangkok neighborhood…

Jenna Jameson Miss Thailand

At 2am, we finished filming, and Carl picked up one of the bar’s bass guitars and played us some blues while we sipped whiskey! It was a memorable end to a fun day!

Jenna Jameson Singapore

Time For A Singapore Sling!

After Bangkok, it was off to Singapore, where Jenna explored many of the city’s unique sights!

Porn star Jenna Jameson

That also meant taking a very high cable car over the river and down to Singapore’s park…

Jenna Jameson adult film star

Jenna WASN’T a fan of riding in a cable car high over the city…turns out she was afraid of heights! We didn’t know it until she pointed it out and hid her eyes…

Jenna Jameson Singapore Host

But she hung in there and was a complete pro – doing an interview with our local guide and even checking out the view – albeit just for a moment!!

Porn Star Jenna Jameson

Jenna Jameson adult star Singapore

We had a great time in Singpore’s Merlion Park, named after a mythical creature with the head of a lion and the body of a fish, used as a mascot and national personification of Singapore.


The fish body represents Singapore’s origin as a fishing village when it was called Temasek, which means “sea town” in Javanese. The lion head represents Singapore’s original name — Singapura — meaning “lion city” or “kota singa”.

Jenna Hangs Out With Sylvester Stallone!

After a day of filming around Singapore, it was time to head over to Planet Hollywood for the opening of the restaurant – Jenna wrote about this trip in her autobiography – her version is not EXACTLY the same way I remember it, but the facts of the trip are basically the same – she was the Host of our Planet Hollywood coverage, and just like in Bangkok, the stars LOVED talking to her!

Jenna Jameson Sylvester Stallone

Jenna got to hang out with Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Wesley Snipes, Jackie Chan and Cindy Crawford in Singapore, a beautiful city that showed us the utmost hospitality!

Jenna Jameson interview Sylvester Stallone

Once we got back to the US, it was decided that Jenna shouldn’t host the entire special, but we did air the interviews and all of these segments in Bangkok and Singapore on “E! Explores Planet Hollywood Bangkok” – and she was great!

Jenna in Singapore

If you found this article interesting, check out my trip to Australia with Sasha Grey – where she walked with sharks and got photobombed!


It was an adventure with sharks, surfing and more! See it here:


Thanks again to both Sasha and Jenna for doing some great travel shoots with me!

X-rated Jenna Jameson

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  1. This looks like a great working holiday, John. I only know Jenna Jameson’s name, but she looks like she is having a great time in these pictures.

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    • When I watched “Roadrunner” and all of the footage of Bourdain filming his TV show, it reminded me we did it years earlier – we covered, local entertainment and a bit of the “crazy” stuff in each location, but there were a lot of similarities int he shows..seeing a place through the eye of one person


  2. This was fascinating to read, John. And your photographs were very cool.

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