Need “Squid Game” Facts? Here They Are! This Incredible Show Is “Hunger Games” Meets “Battle Royale!”

Are You “Hooked” On “Squid Game” Yet?

Well, you should be! This incredible, mind-blowing TV series from South Korea has exploded worldwide, becoming a pop culture phenomenon!

The world is obsessed with the new South Korean TV series “Squid Game”, and for good reason!

The plot line is literally “The Hunger Games” meets “Battle Royale!”

If you don’t know those films, I have more on them later in this story, but first, let’s dive into the deep end of this incredible new TV series!

Here is the plot of “Squid Game”: a group of desperate people are lured to a remote island to play children’s games – not realizing just how high the stakes are!

Here is the trailer:

It’s important to understand just how powerful this series is: it deals with capitalism, greed, class structure, sexism, ageism, bullying and more!

Now, here’s what you need to know about this pop culture phenomenon!

Creator Hwang Dong-hyuk’s Patient Obsession!

Wow, can you believe that factoid above? The show’s Creator spent ten years trying to sell it, and now it’s the biggest TV sensation in the world!

Here’s more:

Meet Model Lee Jung-jae!

Fans of the series are stunned to know that title character Seong Gi-Hun is played by a famous Korean Model – since this is how he looks in the series:

Director Hwang Dong-Hyuk cast Lee Jung-jam as the lead character Gi-hun to “destroy his charismatic image portrayed in his previous roles.”

In addition to being a top star in film and TV, Jung-jae also works as a highly successful fashion model!

He is mesmerizing in the show, which begins with his compelling backstory – and his journey through the “game” must be seen to be believed!

Speaking Of Models:

Ho-yeon Jung is also a hugely successful Fashion Model – as well as one of the most pivotal characters in the show!

In the series, she plays Sae-Byoek, a defector from North Korea who participates in the “Squid Game” to raise money to rescue her brother and Mother….

The bond she forms with the other youngest contestant is a powerful storyline in the show!

In 2013, Ho-yeon was the runner-up in “Korea’s Next Top Model”, and by 2018, she was ranked as one of the “Top 50” female fashion models by

But aside from the incredible cast, there’s one question everyone has about the show:

Just “HOW BIG” Is The Jackpot In The Money Ball?

After every “game”, money is dropped into a giant money ball that hangs above the players.

Ultimately, it holds 45.6 billion South Korean Won – which is approximately $38,325,149.28!

Yes, the winners get to split more than thirty-eight million dollars!

First, however, they have to successfully navigate those six games!

It’s A REAL “Tug Of War!”

One of the many incredible set pieces is the sky-high tug of war game…and you do NOT want to be pulled into the abyss between the two towers!

The actors during the tug of war game were actually playing the real game and were exhausted from their days of shooting.

The most difficult set piece, both from a logistical standpoint as well as for safety, was the “glass bridge!”

I don’t want to give away too much, but these challenges are breathtaking!

The glass bridge game, where a player must choose which glass pane is breakable, was considered the most dangerous and was worked on numerous times before the safest design was chosen.

If you haven’t seen the show, know that there is a time limit on all games, so you have to think and move fast to survive!

The plot, acting, visual design and direction are all incredible…this is a worldwide phenomenon for a reason!

How about this for a transition? The Johann Strauss composition “The Blue Danube Waltz” is featured several times in “Squid Game”.

The exact same music was also featured in the 2000 film “Battle Royale.” This brilliant Japanese film also pits contestants against each other in a deadly game of survival!

I also refer to “Squid Game” as “Battle Royale” meets “Hunger Games”:

This film series, based on the best selling book trilogy, starred Jennifer Lawrence and also involved deadly games against a very political backdrop.

Here is more about both of these films:

One of the stars of “Squid Game” also starred in this incredible zombie thriller from South Korea:

“Train To Busan” is one of the best action films of all time – and it’s incredibly, emotionally powerful as well – click here for the trailer and more:

Some of the most inventive movies in the world come from South Koream filmmakers – case in point:

“Old Boy” has the same twisted, brilliant storytelling as “Squid Games” – this is a great film, and since it starts with the letter “O”, it was on this list!

Click here to see the trailer and more:

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19 replies

  1. HI John, this is a very opportune post for me as my son, Michael, is watching this and has been telling me all about it. It seems like an interesting series and he is a sensible boy who won’t try these tricks at home. That is always the concern for me about this sorts of challenge shows.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This should give every writer hope!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Such a good show! I can’t remember the last time I’d been glued to the TV! What an ending!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I’ve recently finished watching Squid Game and it blew me away. It was incredibly done and has so many layers to it that I may have to watch it again to fully appreciate them. All the performances were great and I loved getting to “know” a whole new bunch of brilliant actors.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You are exactly right, and I immediately wanted to watch it again for the nuance and the clues that are sprinkled throughout – a compelling, devastating TV series of the highest quality! Thanks for commenting!


  5. I’ve never watched squid game but as everyone talks about it online/offline, someday soon I’ll have a chance to watch😆

    Liked by 1 person

  6. This sounds like a crazy phenomenon

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Everyone is talking about this, but I have yet to watch an episode.
    I think ‘Train To Busan’ is the best zombie film ever, and ‘Old Boy’ is just wonderful.
    Talking of playing ‘games’ to get money, this Thai film comes with a big recommendation from me.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    Liked by 1 person


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