Bacon-Wrapped Turkey! White Castle Stuffing! Best Thanksgiving Recipes!

Bacon-Wrapped Thanksgiving Turkey!

Time to plan for your holiday meal, so why not go bacon?

bacon-wrapped-turkey-holiday recipes

That’s right – a bacon wrapped turkey could just be what you need this Thanksging! And if it’s cold out:

Nice hat!

That’s right, wear your love of bacon! OK, let’s take a step back. There is plenty of time to go “bacon crazy” – first, let’s focus on what’s in the oven…

Wrap Your Turkey In Bacon And Eat It!

thanksgiving turkey wrapped in bacon

Want to make a bacon wrapped Turkey this year? Jump on board, it’s easy! First, get yourself one of these:

best recipes raw-turkey

1 (13 lb) whole turkey (uncooked)

Once you have your raw Turkey, time to have fun! You’ll also need these items:

kitchen twine (to tie Turkey)
aluminum foil
2 cups butter (softened)
1 1/2 ounces fresh sage
1 lb bacon (uncooked)
1 onion
1 garlic clove
salt (to taste)
pepper (to taste)

Here is what you do to get to THIS:



Pre-heat oven to 325°F

Remove giblets and neck from Turkey. Rinse turkey with cold running water and drain well. Blot dry with paper towels.

Chop Onion and Garlic and mix together. Once chopped and mixed, stuff the Onion and Garlic mixture into Turkey.

Tie up the Turkey’s wings, legs, and drumsticks with Kitchen Twine as desired.

Chop Sage and mix in with softened Butter.

Rub Sage/Butter mixture under the skin and over the skin of the Turkey.

Salt and pepper Turkey to taste.

Place uncooked, Bacon slices all over the skin of the uncooked Turkey. They will stick onto the buttered Turkey.

Bacon wrapped turkey recipe

Insert an Oven-Safe Meat Thermometer into the inner thigh area near the breast of the Turkey but not touching the bone.

Place Turkey in a roasting pan and use Foil to tent the uncooked Turkey.

Remove foil tent for last hour of cooking Turkey.

Continue to let bacon cook on Turkey for an additional 15 minutes, then remove. (OPTIONAL – Bacon can then be chopped and placed in a separate dish of your choice).

bacon turkey recipe

Remove Turkey from oven once 160 degrees is reached internally in the Turkey.

Allow Turkey to rest for 20-30 minutes, then carve (during the rest period, Turkey will continue to cook to 165 degrees).

There you go, the perfect bacon Turkey!

Except maybe for THIS:


Click on my story for a perfect “Bacon-Wrapped Turducken!”

And if you don’t want to wrap your turkey, why not just deep fry it?

perfect deep fried Turkey preparation

Yes, here is the recipe for a perfect deep fried turkey with cajun spices! See the entire thing by clicking on my story here:

And after all this turkey goodness, all you need is this:


white castle national cheeseburger day

Yep, time to get your White Castle on!

White Castle Stuffing!

It is, without a doubt, the best tasting stuffing I have ever made – and it is amazing simple! The secret is in the slider!

unique turkey stuffing recipes

I read about this a few years ago, apparently a result of an official White Castle recipe contest…and it works!

White Castle Turkey stuffing recipe

All you have to do is buy a dozen hamburger sliders…that’s right, ten for the recipe and TWO for the Chef!

unique thanksgiving stuffing recipes

10 White Castle hamburgers, no pickles
1 1/2 cups celery, diced
1 1/4 tsp. ground thyme
1 1/2 tsp. ground sage
3/4 tsp. coarsely ground black pepper
1/4 cup chicken broth

In a large mixing bowl, tear the burgers into pieces and add diced celery and seasonings. Toss and add chicken broth. Toss well.


Stuff cavity of turkey just before roasting. Makes about 9 cups (enough for a 10- to 12-pound turkey). Note: Allow 1 hamburger for each pound of turkey, which will be the equivalent of 3/4 cup of stuffing per pound.

I made mine separately like this:

Back Camera

I also made “traditional” stuffing so no one would be upset – everyone tried “a bite” of the White Castle stuffing….and then everyone went back for more! It was a big hit!

And another mea culpa: I used White Castle Cheeseburgers for even more deliciousness!

White Castle Sliders

If you REALLY wanted to go crazy, take that bacon from the turkey, chop it up and add it in! I would use – oh, about THIS MUCH BACON:

Huge Pile of Bacon

Trust me, the White Castle stuffing is GREAT. Let me know what you think!

Turkey’s Not ONLY For Thankgiving Day!

I took this picture from Seoul, South Korea – street vendors selling a wide array of food on sticks – including a delicious bacon-wrapped hot dog on a stick! So, let bacon take your Thanksgiving leftovers to a whole new level!

I found this picture on the internet of course…I don’t know who took it, I don’t know who this nice young woman is – but I do know that she has wrapped her head in bacon…and that, as they say, is the whole story.

It’s a great use of bacon, but wrapping it around something edible is even MORE enjoyable…case in point…

Let’s get started with the bacon-wrapped turkey legs you see above you…if you’ve got Thanksgiving leftovers, this is the one for you…and another good look right here:

if you are one of those people who loves turkey legs – you know. the Neanderthol type – then this recipe just takes you up a notch to eleven…

If bacon-wrapped Turkey Legs are just a “bridge too far”, then try this: leftover slices of turkey wrapped in bacon – a great way to bring your day-old turkey back to life…

And don’t forget your side dishes – bacon is ready to take on all of your vegetables!

You can spice up your Thanksgiving grilled corn with a bacon-wrapped version, and you can always wrap your asparagus the same way to bring home the flavor…

Holiday Getaway!

Now, if you plan to visit relatives over the holiday, you can take your love of bacon with you….by sleeping in it!


OK, that’s just crazy, but if you REALLY want to knock the socks off your holiday guests:


Now HERE is a Thanksgiving side dish! If I put a plate of “Bacon-wrapped-mac-and-cheese-stuffed meatloaf” in front of you, you would eat it, right?

bacon-wrapped meatloaf

This recipe is pretty easy: make a meatloaf, cut it in half and stuff it with mac-and-cheese and wrap it in bacon! I mean, we have proved that you can wrap ANYTHING in bacon, right?

And why not top off your amazing Thanksgiving meal with a nice glass of Cheeseburger Red!

Cheeseburger Red wine

Read all about this terrific wine by clicking here:

Happy Thanksgiving!


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