Going To The Toilet! The Craziest Bathroom Scenes In The Movies!

There are SO many great bathroom scenes in the movies – this revised list looks at a few of the more iconic!

There’s Something About Mary.

This is one of the funniest opening scenes in movie history – setting the stage for one of the funniest movies of all time – it begins when “Ted” – Ben Stiller, accidentally zips up his “frank and beans” –

Charlie Jensen: Is it the frank or the beans?
Ted: I don’t know, both I guess.
Warren: [from outside] Franks and Beans! Franks and Beans!

As more and more people enter the bathroom to take a look, Mary’s perplexed Step-Father asks what we are all thinking:

Mary’s Step-Father: “Oh man! How’d you get the beans above the frank?”

When I saw this in a theater people were literally pounding on their seats they were laughing so hard…it was a priceless movie going experience – a packed theater all laughing hysterically, the communal experience that makes moviegoing so unique. And of course the sequence ends with the priceless line from a firefighter, “we got a bleeder!”


Beleagered Roger Murtaugh – played by Danny Glover, just wants a quiet moment alone – and how was he to know his toilet was wired up with a bomb? Leave it to partner Martin Riggs, played by Mel Gibson to help him out of a jam.

[about to pull Murtaugh off the booby-trapped toilet]
Martin Riggs: On three, what do ya say?
Roger Murtaugh: Okay.
Martin Riggs: One… two…
Roger Murtaugh: Wait, wait, wait!
Martin Riggs: What?
Roger Murtaugh: Do we do it on three? Or one, two, three, then do it?
Martin Riggs: It’s your ass, Cochise!
Roger Murtaugh: My ass, yeah. On three.
Martin Riggs: We go on three?
Roger Murtaugh: Yeah.


OK, I LOVE this movie – an instant classic comedy, highlighted when Kristen Wiig makes the wrong restaurant choice for lunch, right before the bridesmaids go for a fitting?

We will always have the memory of Melissa McCarthy making use of the bathroom sink as the group runs out of options when lunch comes back to haunt them…

Rita: [Starting to feel sick from food poisoning] You know, I don’t care which dress we get. I just need to get off this white carpet!

Maya Rudolph handles her ultimate humiliation with class and grace…one of the funniest sequences in a movie in years…

Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery.

Austin Powers has been away for awhile now, but I loved this scene from the first movie when Austin is attacked while sitting on the toilet. Tom Arnold plays the guy using the next stall.

After a lot of grunting and yelling: “Hey that sounds pretty nasty – how about a courtesy flush over there?”

As the struggle intensifies, Arnold offers some sage advice:

“Hey partner, come on – you gotta relax or you’re gonna blow out your “o” ring – and drop a lung!”


No laughing matter here…and no, the scene i’m referencing isn’t Al Pacino enjoying a bath in a very large tub…no, it’s earlier in the film when, after a drug deal goes wrong, Tony Montana is forced to watch while his buddy is chained up and chainsawed in the shower…

Director Brian DePalma creates a masterful scene of tension, as we hear the chainsaw sputtering to life…

The hit man’s complete nonchalance at what he is about to do…and we see Tony’s anguished face trying to avoid what he is going to have to witness…

Sixteen Candles.

This great John Hughes moment begins with Molly Ringwald sighing, “I can’t believe I gave my panties to a geek!” Cut to a freshman paying a buck to get inside the school bathroom, joining a crowd that sighs in amazement when Anthony Michael Hall boldly steps out of the toilet stall and raises those panties high above his head for all to see…

Hilarious moment in a great great film.

Dumb & Dumber.

We all know this scene- a jealous Jim Carrey spikes his buddy Jeff Daniels’ drink, and shortly thereafter Daniels finds himself in desperate need for a bathroom, any bathroom – like Lauren Holly’s…

…who gives Daniels just enough “alone time” before she knocks on the door to warn him,”oh, don’t use the toilet, it’s not working.”

Oops…Jeff Daniels is a great classic Actor, but his willingness to stick this movie between his teeth and bite down hard had him matching, scene-for-scene, all of Jim Carrey’s manic humor.


One of the greatest movies of all time, with an amazing energy and style from Director Danny Boyle, and a cast up for anything…

Yes, it is officially known in the movie as “the worst toilet in Scotland.” Ewan MacGregor tries not to gag as he goes in to relieve himself, only to make the horrific mistake of dropping something into the toilet accidentally.

He has no option but…

Well, you all know what happens. I know someone who wouldn’t see this movie just because of what they heard about this scene.

Director Danny Boyle announced his arrival as a major talent with the brilliant treatise on drug addiction in everyday Britain….as the movie ad says, “choose life!”

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